Are you looking for something that is different than what the gadget market is offering right now? Why not try one of Kata’s smartphones? They are elegant, simple, and affordable! To learn more about the brand, click here.


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Kata Hong Kong: Fast-Growing and Innovative

Kata Hong Kong: Birth From One Man’s Dream For Something Different

The idea for Kata came about when David Chen, CEO of Kata, decided that he needed something that is better, that will give him an edge over everyone else. In 2009 (4 years after he opened a shop that sold phones from various brands), Kata was born.

The name of the brand came about when David Chen met a Japanese partner. He was looking for something simple to pronounce and easy to remember. And when he met Shikata, his Japanese partner, he found exactly what he was looking for. The name “Kata” means “form” and is a term used in Karate, a Japanese martial art. While Kata may be based in the US, the company identifies itself as an Asian brand with its name and its logo, a koi fish.

Kata Hong Kong: Sophisticated, Powerful, Affordable

“Any industry is, in fact, very competitive, unless it’s government protected.”

- David Chen, CEO and Founder of Kata –

When Kata first started out, the phone market was already full of competitors that had plenty of experience and sufficient backing, with Apple and Samsung having the largest followers. But that did not deter the company. Instead, it pushed itself to make better devices that are also affordable in order to continue keeping its customers happy.

Other than mobile phones, Kata is in the business of producing tablets as well as its very own media player, the Kata Box. While there are brands that make cheap phones to match the low pricing, Kata prides itself on being able to deliver quality products at affordable prices. Among the best products that it has to offer are:

  • Kata Box
  • Kata T4 (a tablet)
  • Kata i4 (a mobile phone)

All Kata products come with the Mega VPN app. It is an app that allows users to bypass the geographical restrictions that are sometimes imposed by Youtube channels and other online sites. It lets you access all the movies, TV series and other media content that your heart so desires.

Kata Box: Bringing A Whole New Meaning To Entertainment At Home

While most TV boxes can play videos from your external hard drives and transmit games from your mobile phone to the TV screen for easy viewing, the Kata Box is so much more than that. It offers a wide range of digital games and apps that will enhance your home entertainment experience. It is powered by Amlogic Quad Core that makes accessing multiple apps and content easy as well as smooth. The Kata Box comes built with 2 USB ports, 1 Lan Port, and 1 HDMI Port to further enhance your entertainment experience.

Kata T4: A Digital Pad That is Elegant, Lightweight, And Powerful

That Kata T4 is designed to look like a more elegant version of the Apple iPad. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to port it about without worry that your bag may be too heavy and uncomfortable to carry about. The Kata T4 has a 7.85” screen that delivers an extra sharp display for your viewing pleasure. Not only that, the Kata T4 is powered by a 1.3 Ghz Quad Core processor to make it easy for you to access multiple apps with ease. The amazing 8MP rear and 5MP front camera allows you to take clear pictures and videos like a pro so that you will never miss capturing the fun moments in your life.

Kata i4: A Phone That Is The Ultimate Fashion Statement

Featuring an elegant and sophisticated design, the Kata i4 is a thing of beauty in both the fashion and tech world. It is powered by a 1.7 GHz Octa Core Processor that ensures a smooth transition and usage between multiple apps. With its 32GB internal storage and 5” HD display screen, you can enjoy all your favourite videos and games wherever you are. The 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera lets you capture clear, high quality pictures and videos of your favourite moments.

Kata Hong Kong: Making Life Easy

Even though Kata is a relatively new player in the gadget industry, it is clear that it has the skills and innovation needed to one day be one of the big boys of the industry. So, why not give this brand a chance? Buy Kata Mobiles & Tablets at affordable prices with great discounts only at iprice. Scroll up and enjoy your shopping.