When you add fun to whimsical patterns and bold colours, what you would get are Kate Spade Bags. To be more precise, the outcome of the infusion would be an interesting take on the fashion scene, quirky yet gorgeous and classy, which is exactly what Kate Spade Bags are all about.


Kate Spade NY Hong Kong: Celebrating Your Fun & Funky Personality

Live life colourfully. That's the famous motto of the global fashion brand, Kate Spade. Founded in the '90s—the era of grunge—Kate Spade offered something different to the market: vibrant colours, playful patterns, and feminine designs, a contrast from the sea of blacks, browns, and maroons popular back then. After the design house was established by Kate and her husband Andy Spade in 1993, its chic, fun and utilitarian designs took the world by storm. Soon enough, it was impossible not to spot women carrying the iconic Kate Spade handbag in every corner of New York.

For women who were a little bit older, carrying a Kate Spade bag in its heyday was both a status symbol and oftentimes an entryway into the world of designer fashion. The bags cost a couple of hundred dollars, which was a fortune to a 12-year-old, and something a thriving career girl in a big city could save up for. Unlike other iconic handbag designers with their precious, four-figure investment pieces, Spade set out to make something that fits naturally within the lives and budgets of women, not the other way around.

Kate Spade New York Sam Bag

Without a doubt, the Sam, released in 1993, is Kate Spade’s most iconic bag — some would even call it the ‘It’ bag of the ‘90s! Black and boxy, the waterproof nylon bag was both utilitarian and timeless, making it an instant favourite among fashion editors and women all over the world. The versatile piece can be worn from day to night, from the office to the streets, and even to a party! In celebration of their 25th anniversary, Kate Spade reissued the Sam this year, giving the iconic bag an update. Aside from nylon, Sam also comes in new materials such as leather, denim, canvas, and raffia.

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Small Hayden Top Handle Bag

Don’t know how to accentuate your work wardrobe? Add this bag to your ensemble and you are ready to face the world (or your boss). It adds the luxe, feminine vibe to your overall style. The Ceder Street Small Hayden is the smaller, cuter version of her older sister, the ‘oh so popular’ Hayden bag. She carries all the great qualities of her sister, like the unique shape and the adjustable shoulder strap.

Kate Spade New York Emma Lane Fabric Maya Shoulder Bag

Who said that whatever that is practical is boring? This Emma Lane Maya proves that statement wrong with its colour-blocking design that is crafted with casual elegance. It adds a dash of modern, urban style to your ensemble. Crafted from cotton textured fabric with tiny buckle accents, this huge bag is roomy enough for all your day-to-day essentials.

Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Mini Harmony Shoulder Bag

This is also a shrunk-down version of its older sibling, the classic Harmony Tote. It’s extra versatile, extra adorable and has extra space for daily routines. This bag features a simple, classic design with a chain accented strap that is uber chic and edgy.

Kate Spade New York Shaw Street Kegan Top Handle Bag

This bag fuses its ladylike shape with a luxurious material—phyton embossed Italian leather- lifting this bag to a whole new level. The design of this bag is brilliant, with multiple interior side pocket with an adjustable cross-body strap that makes this bag useful for your day to night routine. With its unusual gorgeous colour pattern, this bag is a must-have.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kate Spade Hong Kong

How do I know if my Kate Spade is real?

In order to avoid the unfortunate instance of discovering that your Kate Spade handbag is a counterfeit piece, here are several ways to ensure that you got the authentic Kate Spade bag.

  • Check the label: Kate Spade handbags have two main types of labels: an embossed or stamped label and a fabric label. Embossed/stamp labels mostly appear on leather handbags and can be found at the front side of the bag. Fabric label is directly stitched on the handbag. An easy way to tell apart a counterfeit is to gently pull at the sides of the fabric label to see it if it comes off or the sides peel away.
  • Check the font and lettering on the label: Authentic Kate Spade font should always appear in lowercase letters, with even spacing throughout. There is only one style of font for all Kate Spade handbags, so this is the quickest way to tell.
  • Check the hardware of the bag: Most Kate Spade handbags don’t feature any feet at the bottom. For bag styles that come with feet, they are often small and usually circular or flat and can be located at the four corners of the bag.

Where can I buy Kate Spade bag in Hong Kong?

You can get a Kate Spade New York bag at Ocean Centre in Harbour City, Two IFC Shopping Mall, CWB SOGO, New Town Plaza, Horizon Plaza Outlet, TST SOGO, CityGate Outlet, and Festival Walk.