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KD Media My Love, My Bride (2014) (Blu-ray) (Korea Version) at 257.00 HKD from YesAsia
KD Media My Love, My Bride (2014) (Blu-ray) (Korea Version)
HK$ 257.00
A remake of Lee Myung Se's 1990 same-titled blockbuster, the 2014 version of My Love, My Bride updates the relationship drama about the realistic life, love and trials of a newlywed couple to the present-day. Stepping into the roles made famous by Park Joong Hoon and Choi Jin Sil, Jo Jung Suk (The Face Reader) and Shin Min Ah (The Naked Kitchen) are Young Min and Mi Young, a typical young married couple who love each other a lot and also fight each other a lot. As they move pass the honeymoon period, they experience the various challenges, comforts and compromises that come naturally with married life, from figuring out household chores to the constant cycle of arguing and making up to the temptation to stray. Directed by Lim Chan Sang (The President's Barber), My Love, My Bride takes a down-to-earth approach to storytelling, presenting relatable snapshots of everyday married life that are mundane, humorous and heartfelt.

This edition includes making of, deleted scenes, outtakes, music video, trailer and other extras.

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KD Media The Throne (Blu-ray) (Scenario Book + Postcard) (Korea Version) at 295.00 HKD from YesAsia
KD Media The Throne (Blu-ray) (Scenario Book + Postcard) (Korea Version)
HK$ 295.00
Known for critical hits like The King and the Clown and Hope, seasoned filmmaker Lee Joon Ik helms another box-office sensation in The Throne, which recounts the tragic life of Crown Prince Sado. Depicting one of the most notorious episodes of Joseon history, the period blockbuster garnered numerous prizes at the 35th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards, 52nd Daejong Film Awards and 36th Blue Dragon Film Awards. Yoo Ah In (Veteran) earned his first Best Actor prize at the Blue Dragon Film Awards for his impressive portrayal of Crown Prince Sado, while Song Kang Ho (The Attorney) was nominated for his towering performance as King Yeongjo who condemned his son to death. The Throne also co-stars Moon Geun Young (The Village: Achiara's Secret), Kim Hae Suk (The Thieves) who won Best Supporting Actress at the Daejong Awards, and Jeon Hye Jin who won Best Supporting Actress at the Blue Dragon Film Awards.

Fond of arts, dancing and swordplay, Crown Prince Sado (Yoo Ah In) isn't interested in studying Confucianism which is the base of the Joseon dynasty. King Yeongjo (Song Kang Ho), who was initially proud of Sado's intelligence, grows increasingly disappointed in his son who thinks too differently from him. Hoping Sado will learn to be a king, Yeongjo appoints him as regent to administer the country, but Sado issues a set of anti-royalist decrees that anger the king. Amid the volatile order of the court, the relationship between father and son begins to derail, along with Sado's mind, towards a shocking breaking point.

This edition comes with a scenario book, a postcard set, commentaries, making-of featurettes, deleted scenes, premiere footage and still gallery.

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KD Media You Call It Passion (2DVD) (Korea Version) at 202.00 HKD from YesAsia
KD Media You Call It Passion (2DVD) (Korea Version)
HK$ 202.00
Enter the chaotic world of entertainment news reporting in the workplace comedy You Call It Passion directed by Jeong Gi Hoon (Love 911)! Based on Lee Hye Rin's novel, the film stars Park Bo Young (The Silenced) as a fresh graduate struggling to become a successful journalist under the supervision of an ill-tempered desk editor played by Jung Jae Young (Right Now, Wrong Then).

Failing to find a full-time job, new graduate Do Ra Hee (Park Bo Young) finally joins a newspaper as an intern entertainment reporter. The idealistic rookie soon realizes the job is not what she expected as she is required to make up stories to help boost newspaper sales. Whenever she rejects tasks assigned by her grumpy boss Ha Jae Kwan (Jung Jae Young), she is told that it's because of her lack of passion. After getting a big scoop about a top actor (Yoon Kyun Sang), she learns that he is actually a victim of malpractice in the entertainment industry. Ha persists in reporting the scandal but she determinedly investigates the story at the risk of losing her job.

This edition comes with special features including making-of, deleted scenes, VIP preview, poster shooting and trailer.

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KD Media Twenty (Blu-ray) (Korea Version) at 257.00 HKD from YesAsia
KD Media Twenty (Blu-ray) (Korea Version)
HK$ 257.00
Hot young stars Kim Woo Bin, Kang Ha Neul and Lee Jun Ho of 2PM send audiences through the hilarious rites of youth in the blockbuster comedy Twenty. The handsome trio play best friends who must deal with the changing tides of friendship and romance and the conflicts between ideals and reality as they embark on their post-high school days. Previously a screenwriter on Scandal Makers and Sunny, writer-director Lee Byeong Hun fills the boys' immensely entertaining coming-of-age journey with laugh-out-loud hijinks, awkward growing pains and revelations both silly and serious that embody what it means to be Twenty.

Freshly graduated from high school, best friends Chi Cho (Kim Woo Bin), Dong Woo (Lee Jun Ho) and Kyung Jae (Kang Ha Neul) have reached a crucial crossroad in their young lives. It's time to think about the future and think about girls and they're each going in different directions. Smart and responsible Kyung Jae begins college with high expectations and a serious mindset, only to spectacularly embarrass himself during initiation and fall head over heels for campus beauty Jin Joo (Min Hyo Rin).Taking a gap year to study for the college exam again, Dong Woo struggles to keep his dream of being a comic artist alive while barely making ends meet and fending off the flirtatious advances of Kyung Jae's little sister (Lee Yoo Bi). Immature playboy slacker Chi Cho has only one goal: to keep breathing. He continues to pass his days lazing around and picking up girls while keeping his girlfriend (Jung So Min) on the backburner. But even he begins to reassess his heart and priorities after he gets roped into posing as the manager for an aspiring actress (Jung Joo Yeon).

This edition includes commentary, character making of, production making of, deleted scenes, outtakes, promotion video, premiere, poster shoot, music videos and trailer.

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