Keds, a name that is no stranger to the fashion industry, is a brand that’s well known all around the world for the largest collection of canvas and leather sneakers with the endless list of designs and styles. Keds HK is also responsible for creating the biggest culture in the world which is the sneakers culture. Learn more about Keds below.


Keds Hong Kong: Revolutionizing the World of Sneakers

The U.S. Rubber company came into existence in 1892 when 9 different rubber manufacturers that were based in Connecticut merged together with an aim to channel the innovative vulcanising process of rubber to produce a range of rubber-based goods. In 1916, they decided to produce good quality rubber shoes under one name which was “Peds” (the Latin word for “foot”). They then opted for “Keds” when they found out that “Peds” was already taken which is a Native American word for moccasins.

Keds is the first-ever footwear company to introduce sneakers to the world. The term sneakers were created as a nickname for Keds because of their footwear rubber soles that made any steps taken so quiet, anyone could “sneak around” without being heard. Even though there was a cultural revolution in the 1960s, canvas sneakers became common and were accepted everywhere. Keds also started spreading their wings all over the world as they became a huge hit in the United States. In countries like Russia, the Pro-Keds (a collection of simple athletic shoes) became so common that the word “Keds” was accepted as a term for sneakers. Today, as one of the most sought after brands, Keds continues to impress the world with their unique and out of this world designs.

The Ultimate Keds for You

Put your best foot forward with Keds! Pick your favourite sneakers from over 400 different colours, fabrics and styles that will surely complete your overall ensemble. From lace-ups to exclusive boots, Keds has every type of sneakers to match your whole wardrobe.

As your faithful helping hand, we listed down everything you need to know about Keds and their amazing sneakers.

Keds Sneakers Style

Lace Up Shoes

When it comes to Keds Lace Up shoes, the word plain or average does not exist in their dictionary. Dipped in every colour of the rainbows and designed in every pattern you can think of, be the limelight as you walk around town in the Keds Champion Lace-Up shoes. From glitters to polka dots, bright pink to sea blue, paisley or Aztec, you can dress up or dress down to match your every mood, outfit and occasions.

Slip-On Shoes

With the all so easy slip-on shoes from Keds, you can say goodbye to laces! Try out their chic Double Decker or Triple Decker slip-on sneakers for a more punk, edgy look in metallic, leather or full out the bling. Or say hello to the Chillax for a more relaxed afternoon around the park. These lace-free shoes are washable and come in many different designs and styles to suit your every personality.

Keds Collection

Comfort Collection

If you have been hunting high and low for a comfortable walking shoe, Keds has just the one for you. These extra comfy chic shoes are designed with memory foam footbeds for your ultimate happy feet. No matter if you are looking for something sporty or something nautical, you will surely find your own style on Keds.

Original Champion Collection

Keds Champion Originals has always been the top choice for women’s canvas and leather sneakers since the very beginning. To rate its popularity, it was even seen on the feet of many Hollywood stars like Taylor Swift and Mischa Barton. These shoes are edgy enough for your everyday ensemble but still as comfortable as a soft rug to walk around the street.

Keds Hong Kong: Collaborations of the Year

To further celebrate their awesomeness, Keds has collaborated with some big names in the fashion, music and cosmetics industry. The outcome, pure astounding creations!

Keds x Taylor Swift

Hold on to your chair for this is surely the collaboration of all times! What can be better than the biggest name in the music industry, Taylor Swift collaborating with Keds? As her official sponsor for the 1989 World Tour, Keds is proud to announce their latest limited-edition sneakers that are perfect for Taylor Swift concerts. These sneakers feature 11 different styles that have playful prints and sunny colours that are certainly in line with Taylor’s girly fashion. To finish it off, a special charm with one of these two styles: a silver heart with Swift’s favourite number 13 or a guitar pick in antiqued brass with her signature in the middle is attached to the sneakers.

Keds x Kate Spade New York

To celebrate Kate Spade New York’s 20th anniversary, Keds has teamed up with one of the biggest names in the fashion industry and created the world's best sneakers that come in 8 fantastic designs. Dipped in vibrant colours, and covered in everything from polka dots, to stripes and zig-zags and even checkered, these limited edition sneakers exude fun and playful femininity. No matter what you pair them with, a summer dress or a lace shorts with crop top, these Keds sneakers will surely be your all-time favourites.

Keds x EOS Lip Balms

What’s there not to love about cute shoes and lip balm? They are the two most basic items among many others that most individuals can’t live without. But when EOS and Keds collaborated together, all earth stood still! They created a new line of EOS inspired footwear that is extremely cute and stylish. This collection is available in 3 different styles, Champion EOS Passion Fruit, Double Up EOS Pomegranate Raspberry and Champion EOS Blueberry Acai. You will receive both the shoes and the EOS lip balm with your purchase. Get it now, or forever hold your peace.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keds 香港

Is Keds ethical?

Keds is the latest footwear brand to support sustainable fashion. For Keds, their shoe is part of its two-pronged approach to sustainability: making styles from more ethical materials and making their shoes have a longer shelf life than the typical sneaker.

Can Keds shoes be machine-washed?

For the majority of Keds sneakers, it is recommended to spot clean: for most stains, a non-bleach stain stick will do the job. As for scuffs and marks on the rubber bottom, nail polish remover and disinfecting wipes do the trick.

Any Keds with the word “washable” in the name are washing machine friendly:

  1. Put them in a mesh laundry bag to protect other items in the load.
  2. Use cold water and medium spin speed.
  3. Liquid detergent will work best.
  4. Remember to let them air dry, do not put them in the dryer.

Do Keds shoes have good support?

The new and improved Keds Champion features an OtrhoLite insole, for supportive cushioning inside the shoe. Not only does it help with arch support, but it also has antimicrobial and moisture absorbing qualities, for dry and odourless feet.

Where can I buy Keds in Hong Kong?

You can get Keds sneakers online from Zalora Hong Kong or shop with iPrice Hong Kong for the cheapest price!