It is said that the hair is a person's crowning glory. But to maintain this beautiful crowning glory can be a daunting task and without proper management, this crowning glory can lead to a bad hair day. Kérastase is one brand that will never allow anyone to go through a bad hair day. Know more about Kérastase HK below.

Does Kérastase make your hair grow? | Which Kérastase shampoo is best for thinning hair?


Kérastase Hong Kong: An avant-garde care for your hair

One of the best things about getting your hair done in the salon is how your hair would feel and look afterwards – soft, shiny and strong. It’s just something about these stylists and their magical hands. But the true secret lies behind the products that are used for your hair. Kérastase has and always will be that one brand that is much-loved by stylists everywhere and for all the good reasons too.

There is a product for every different hair condition out there.

No matter if your hair is always coloured or if you have damaged it with constant heat, or if you have too much frizz and texture, Kérastase truly has something for everyone. There is something that can tame your hair down, add resilience and shine to it and repair your hair from the inside out.

See and feel the results right away

You can practically see and feel great results from Kérastase right away. You might have had a long road to recovery with other hair products but with Kérastase, getting the hair that you want is almost an instant thing.

Love your mane and treat it the way it deserves

Treat your lovely locks the way you would treat yourself by giving yourself a much-needed pampering from one of Kérastase's product line ups. What a better way to reward your gorgeous set of tresses with some of the finest quality hair shampoo on the market.

Kérastase Hong Kong: Your must-have products

Below are some of the products that you don’t want to miss from Kérastase.

  • Bain Chrome Captive Shampoo
  • Ma Squintense Fine Nourishing Treatment
  • Elixir Ul Time Original Oil
  • Nectar Thermique Leave-in Treatment
  • Ciment Thermique Leave-in Hair Milk
  • Bain Satin
  • Vita Ciment Advance
  • Bain Extentioniste
  • Nutritive Lait
  • Architecte Shampoo
  • Densifique Masque Densite
  • Elixir Ultime Masque
  • Discipline Fondant Fluidealiste
  • Masque Extentioniste
  • Bain Prevention Shampoo
  • Specifique Bain Divalent Shampoo
  • Ultraviolet Masque 200ml
  • Fondant Extentioniste
  • Elixir Ultime Bain Shampoo
  • 8H Magic Night Serum
  • Le Parfum En Huile
  • Bain Vital Dermo

Get that perfect salon hair now with Kérastase.

Frequently Asked Questions about Kérastase

Does Kérastase make your hair grow?

Yes, Kérastase has been specially formulated by a team of leading hair care experts who understand the complexities of developing thick, full and beautiful long hair for women. By using Kérastase's products regularly, you can be rest assured of achieving a head full of thick and long hair in no time. Not only does Kérastase's products enhance hair growth rates but Kérastase's slew of products such as the ever-popular Densifique Femme 30, Densifique Jeunesse Serum, Stimuliste Hair Thickener and many more are specially formulated to help maintain the health of your hair by fortifying your hair to reduce damages, breakages or split hairs on your scalp.

Which Kérastase shampoo is best for thinning hair?

The best Kérastase shampoo for treating thinning hair would be the Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifant, Genesis Bain Hydra-Fortifiant and Bain Prevention Shampoo. These shampoos are specially formulated to promote hair growth, reduce breakages, repair damaged hair, strengthen brittle hair, stimulate voluminous hair development and any other hair issues that you may have. Additionally, Kérastase's shampoos are packed with a specially concocted mixture of concentrated ingredients that will provide a fertile environment to support tremendous hair growth. It works by working deeply into the hair fibres, nourishing every single strand of hair from the inside out. By continuously using one of Kérastase's shampoos you will soon begin to notice a healthy head of hair on your crown.