Known for its crinkled nylon fabric and iconic monkey zipper keychain, Kipling is famous among people of all ages. When it comes to bags, Kipling is the brand for you! This classic must-have brand is a must for bag collectors and fans alike. Learn more about Kipling HK below.


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What You Need to Know About Kipling Hong Kong

Memories and experiences during our travels will always hold a significant place in our life be it a good or bad experience. What do you expect on your trip? Having a new adventure or a thrill of a lifetime or some fun time with your family and loved ones or just capturing great pictures or just a good rest by the beautiful beach? Yes to all? Travelling might not be as easy as it sounds if you don’t have the right tools.

"Own only what you can always carry with you; know the language, learn about the country, meet the local people. Let your memory be your travel bag." Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn is right about the to-do things during your travels but you also need to travel with a set of tools (your trusted travel logbook, your water bottle to keep you always hydrated with clean water, a map, some snacks for that hike up the hill) and these tools need to be well packed for your convenience. Waterproof, durable and lightweight, Kipling HK bags are the best travel companion for all your travels!

About Kipling HK

Kipling founded in 1987 in Antwerp, Belgium is a world-renowned fashion brand today. This brand which is a part of the VF Corporation since 2004 is widely known for its famous collection, Basic. The waterproof crinkled nylon fabric and the monkey zipper of the bags and accessories are the trademarks of Kipling.

The name of the brand was inspired by Rudyard Kipling, the author of The Jungle Book. The three co-founders of Kipling wanted to create a unique series of Kipling bags as a tribute to the unique book. So, Kipling bags are designed with timeless design, comfort and convenience for its users and this differentiates Kipling bags from everything else in this world.

Kipling HK Monkeys

These colourful and cute monkeys are the signature mascot of the Kipling brand. Why a monkey? Well, the founders wanted to ensure that the playful spirit of the monkey would accompany every Kipling owner and so the Kipling Monkey was born. Each Kipling Monkey is also named after a selected Kipling employee across the world! Nowadays, Kipling Monkeys also come in fun and exciting themes like Country Monkeys and the Royal Baby Monkey.

Top-Rated Kipling HK Backpacks

Here’s the list of the most popular Kiplings, the VIP of all Kipling bags!

Alcatraz II Backpack

Perfect for travelling as the Alcatraz has wheels and a retractable handle. It is also designed for your flights. So, you can carry it on your back or wheel it through the airport.

Seoul Backpack

Designed for modern people, this pack comes with laptop protection so you can carry your laptop to school or work and not worry about your laptop. Equipped with shoulder pads, the Seoul pack is made for a comfortable carry and is suitable for anybody. Besides the main compartment, it also has a sleeve for your stationeries and pockets for your cell phone, an iPod or MP3 player.

Challenger Backpack

Lightweight and medium in size, the Challenger bag are perfect for your weekend getaways or classes. This nylon pack fitted with padded shoulder straps also has an iPod pocket for your music needs.

Lippa Drawstring Backpack

This drawstring is not your ordinary backpack as it is not only water-resistant but the Lippa’s drawstring also has fasteners to keep your belongings extra safe. The Lippa is best used for travelling and outdoor activities as you can be assured that your belongings will be well kept!

Hiker Expandable Backpack

The Hiker is the college and university students’ favourite Kipling piece. Designed with three different compartments, the Hiker is spacious for all your lecture notes, school tests, your trusty jacket to brace the strong air conditioning and sunlight and a change of clothes for the gym. With its expandable compartment, you will always have space for other essentials too!

The list only has a few of the many Kiplings that are available in the market, so go pick a Kipling at iPrice online store that’ll satisfy your storage needs and add a splash of fun into your bag collection!

Kipling Bag HK Maintenance

Kipling bags are not only durable, but they are also easy to maintain. Since most Kipling bags are made of its signature waterproof nylon material, hand cleaning is highly recommended to ensure the bags are longer-lasting. Just follow the following steps:

  • Damp a piece of cloth slightly and clean the outer fabric of the Kipling bag.
  • Keep in mind to wipe in the direction of the fabric thoroughly to get rid of dust and dirt easier.
  • Then, let the Kipling bag dry at an airy place away from direct sunlight to avoid discolouration and damage to the outer fabric when in contact with higher temperatures.
  • Do keep in mind also that Kipling bags are not to soak in water or bleached.

As for Kipling’s leather bag collection from the CLUB collection, general leather product care is required for its care. These include avoiding wet or damp surfaces as well as direct heat or sunlight and avoid using chemical cleaners. As all Kipling leather bags are made of genuine leather, a rich patina layer will be naturally generated overtime to protect its leathery texture.

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Skip the long queues at the mall and shop online at the iPrice store for Kipling bags. Kipling has a stylish collection of handbags, totes, wallets and luggage accessories that will definitely fit your everyday lifestyle. All the products from Kipling are not only known for its stylish designs but also for its fine quality. Kipling is also loved by everyone because it is chic and affordable at the same time. The pricing ranges from HK$190 onwards. Kipling is known for creating great products that are high quality and durable to last for many years to come and are ready for whatever adventure you have so get your Kipling bags now on iPrice online store!

What are Kipling bags made of?

Kipling bags are made of the brands’ signature lightweight and stylish crinkled nylon bag. It’s lightweight, durable and water-resistant.

How much is a Kipling bag?

You can get a Kipling bag in Hong Kong from HK$190 to HK$1,490 depending on the bag model you want. Shop Kipling bags from Zalora Hong Kong as well as right here on iPrice Hong Kong.

How can you tell a fake Kipling bag?

Each Kipling bag and backpack sports a small monkey keychain; each collection features a different style of the monkey on the keychain. The company maintains quality control restrictions on their bags, but the market is replete with fake versions of the bag. Here’s how to check whether your Kipling bag is authentic:

  • Look for the plush monkey mascot in the form of a keychain. Discount the bag as a fake if it is missing this key detail, as almost every Kipling product has one, aside from small wallets, make-up clutches and limited-edition bags.
  • Examine the monkey mascot’s left arm; a genuine Kipling bag will have a Kipling name tab sewn to it, whereas counterfeit bags often have the tab sewn directly onto the body of the bag.
  • Scrutinize the colouration of the round Kipling logo on the front of the bag; a genuine bag’s logo will be nearly exactly the same colour of the bag, while logos of inauthentic bags are of a very different colour than the body of the bag.
  • Look for a white label inside the bag that states the colour, the product code and the Kipling name; every Kipling bag made since 2003 has this label.

What country is Kipling from?

Kipling was founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1987. Best known for its innovative use of crinkled nylon and adorable monkey mascot, the Belgium-brand was present in every classroom and airport.