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Kipling is perhaps one of the most recognized bag brands in fashion. With a long-tailed monkey as a logo, it’s hard to miss this amazing brand when shopping for bags. Kipling was first founded in 1987 in Belgium. Among their most famous product is the Kipling Basic which is characterized by its creased nylon fabric and monkey zipper which was first released to the public in 1992. Kipling was inspired by Rudyard Kipling - the creator of the famous Jungle Book. The original designers wanted a name that is easy to pronounce and would have no unexpected meanings in different languages. Kipling has been making bags for the last 30 years and have shown no signs of stopping!

Why choose Kipling Hong Kong

If you want a bag that’s lightweight, easy to carry, strong, and definitely fabulous, then Kipling bags would be a perfect addition to your closet. Here are reasons why you should have your own Kipling bag:

One reason to love Kipling bags is the wide range of colors available every season to suit your taste and outfit!
Another reason to choose Kipling is its lightweight bags which are easy to carry. Overall, the bag has tons of compartments for organization and storage.
Kipling bags are also easy to wash, foldable, and made of strong materials including its zippers and other metal counterparts.
For every purchase of a Kipling bag, you would get a free monkey key-chain which are utterly adorable.

    Kipling bags that you would love

    Kipling is a great bag brand made to last a lifetime. It is everyone’s favorite go-to bag, from totes, shoulder bags, handbags, slings, to backpacks and large travel bags. If you are thinking of getting a Kipling bag, here are some great collections that you should look into:

    Kipling Fairfax
    Kipling Alvar
    Kipling Defea
    Kipling Eldorado

    How to choose the right Kipling bag

    Aside from carrying all our daily essentials, Kipling bags are a great accent to your style. If you’re the type to love simple, minimalist designs, then a Kipling bag would be perfect for you. Here are some basic style guide that would help you choose the right Kipling bag:

    Among the most dynamic and versatile Kipling bags are totes. Totes are characterized by their medium-sized compartment which are great for carrying your daily essentials, whether work or school.
    Another Kipling bag must-have is a Kipling backpack. If you want good pack size but not a handbag, then a backpack would be great. Kipling backpacks are especially popular amongst teenagers because of its ability to carry a lot of things without stressing your shoulders.
    Kipling sling bags range from small to medium-sized compartments which are also great for carrying small items. You can just hang them across your body or your shoulder; freeing your hands from carrying it.
    Kipling bags are also popular amongst travellers. Their duffel, and luggage bags are strong with a huge compartment, and has a wide range of colors that would definitely suit your taste!
    Kipling duffel bags are also great for carrying numerous items such as when going to the gym or taking a weekend trip.

      Kipling Hong Kong offers a great deal of bags ranging from sling bags, handbags, shoulder bags, travel bags, backpacks and so much more! You would definitely love how durable, stylish, and fabulous these pieces are. If you want to look for other bag brands, you can also try Lesportsac, Jansport, Quiksilver, and Roxy.

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