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Xavax "coffeeduck" Coffee Filter For Senseo Classic
HK$ 107.00

Too strong, too weak, too expensive .... Struggling to find the perfect coffee pods for your Senseo machine? Then try the handy Coffeeduck coffee filter and add your favourite ground coffee just the way you like it - with a delicious crema guaranteed.The typical scenario…. You have just returned from a long day at work and there is nothing you want more than a cup of coffee from your precious coffee machine. You go to get one of your single-use pads out of the cupboard, only to find you have run out. How frustrating! This means making coffee using the hot water from the kettle which never tastes as good or settling for some other form of beverage. There is a solution…. The Xavax Coffeeduck Coffee Filter brought to you by Hama, specifically designed for Philips models: Senseo 1, Senseo 2, HD 781ff series, can prevent those frustrating moments and save you money by providing you with a filter which can be used time and time again. Say goodbye to those expensive single-use pads and say hello to a permanent, reusable filter. Result! The Xavax Coffeeduck Coffee Filter can be used often as it is desired and you can choose the amount and strength of coffee to suit your personal tastes. It can be used in both 1 and 2-cup mode with your coffee machine and can create the popular Café Crema (coffee). The filter is multifunctional, being suitable for use with both ground coffee as well as with paper pods and is extremely environmentally friendly, with no capsules or pads required. Furthermore, the permanent filter is super easy to use with its built in handle and can easily be cleaned via a dishwasher, which will in turn add to its long life expectancy. Usable over and over again, these refillable Coffeeduck Coffee Filters will provide you with a means to make as many coffees as you desire whilst being environmentally friendly. What are you waiting for? Note for Consumers: The ""Coffeeduck"" coffee filter is not suitable for the Senseo 3 and New Generation.

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Coffee Filters Hong Kong

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