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Grater Vegetable Julienne Spiral Slicer, Easy Spiral Vegetable Fruit Slicer Twister World Cuisine Vegetable Cutter
HK$ 63.00 HK$ 94.00
Mini In The Box
Type:Peeler Grater; Application:Vegetable; Material:Plastic; Handle Material:Plastic; Features:Creative Kitchen Gadget; Listing Date:07/13/2015
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Creative Pencil Sharpener Spiral Slicer Cucumber Food Fruit and Vegetable Peeler Cutplane Easy for Slicer
HK$ 22.00 HK$ 40.00
Mini In The Box
Type:Peeler Grater; Application:Fruit; Handle Material:Plastic; Features:High Quality; Listing Date:06/01/2016
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Rosegal Kitchen Gadget Vegetable Cucumber Spiral Slicer
HK$ 42.00
Kitchen Gadget Vegetable Cucumber Spiral Slicer
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Non Stick Metal Heart Shaped Fried Egg Rings Pancake Mold Ring w/ Handles
HK$ 32.00 HK$ 47.00
Mini In The Box
Type:DIY Mold; Application:Egg; Material:Plastic; Handle Material:Plastic; Features:Creative Kitchen Gadget,Eco-Friendly; Listing Date:03/29/2016
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Vegetable Spiral Slicer Salad Tools Spiral Vegetables Fruit Slicer Zucchini Pasta Noodle Spaghetti Maker
HK$ 50.00 HK$ 86.00
Mini In The Box
Features:Multi-functional,Creative Kitchen Gadget; Pieces:1; Material:Plastic; Type:Fruit Vegetable Tool; Listing Date:09/06/2016
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Stainless Steel Fruit Lemon Kitchen Citrus Juicer Hand Press Squeezer Tool
HK$ 56.00
Juicer Hand Press Squeezer Tool help you save time to clean the juicer, and freshly squeezed fruit juice ensures the fruit nutrients won't be destroyed Description: 1. Soild and durable, never rust. 2. Hand squeezed fruit juice ensured the fruit nutrients won't be destroyed. 3. Simple and easy to use, just need 3 steps. 4. Easy to clean, just need swash with water. 5. Great tool for home, restaurants, hotels, bars, or other entertainment. Features & details: Material: stainless steel Size: as the picture show Color: As the picture shown Package included: 1 x Juice Hand Press Squeezer Tool
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*Prices updated on 18 Aug 2017

5 Kitchen Accessories You Must Have

There is no sincerer love than the love of food – Bernard Shaw

We Asians love our food. From dumplings and stir fry to a large fusion of Western-Asian dishes, food varieties, our tantalizing delights are known all over the world. Truth be told, cooking is an art. The ability to craft up a recipe using natural ingredients and fuse them together to bring out delicious tastes is nothing short of extraordinary. But what makes a good chef? What are the tools of the trade? Everything a professional chef needs will be in his/her kitchen. Let’s look at 5 kitchen accessories you must have to become the ultimate chef.

1. Sharp knives

The bulk of the time in the kitchen is spent on preparation. Part of the prep time is spent on cutting, slicing, filleting, dicing, and crushing ingredients to make them easy to cook. For this, you will need a set of sharp knives. You will need a set because one knife alone won’t do the trick. If you already have a knife set, you will need to keep them sharp and precise. Look out for a knife sharpener.

Knife sharpeners come in all shapes and sizes. The more traditional sharpeners are simple sanding blocks that smoothen out dull blades, in turn, making them sharper. Modern knife sharpeners have a handle and multiple slots for a variety of knife types.

2. Grater

Having a wholesome meal means adding our veggies and garnishing. But veggies such as cucumbers, carrots, potatoes, turnips and so on could by grated to create a palatable side dish. A grater is also useful for cheese, butter, truffles, and any other type of ingredient that comes in a bulb or bulk shape.

When choosing a grater, consider the size of the grating holes. The larger the hole, the larger the food will come out as. Some graters allow you to efficiently slice food such as ham and cheese without much effort.

3. Juice squeezer

Want flavour in your cooking? Add some juice! The most popular juice added into cooking would be lemon or lime juice. There’s no better way to add lemon juice than to squeeze it straight from the fruit. In many cases, it’s easier to squeeze the lemon using a juice press or juice squeezer. This dome-shaped apparatus ensures you get all the fibres of the lemon pressed to bring out the juice. Feel your salivary glands working yet?

4. Chopping board

Chopping boards (cutting boards) provide the venue for every cooking lesson. They are the staple of the food prep session. A chef should have at least two chopping boards in the kitchen: one for meat, one for veggies and fruit. A chopping board is perfect for not only cutting and chopping ingredients, but rolling, moulding, and storing ingredients while cooking.

The choices of cutting boards are as vast as their uses. The most common chopping boards are wooden boards. Wooden chopping boards take the brunt of the knife’s impact, but as wood flexes, it becomes strong and sturdy. Other types of chopping boards include glass, plastic, and vinyl.

5. Dish rack

The last on the list of kitchen accessories is the dish rack. Every kitchen needs proper organization. This where the dish rack comes in. Dish racks help you to hang your plates and other dishes to dry. It also helps you to sort your dishes according to size and use. It is important to choose dish racks based on the size of your kitchen space.

Now that you know more about kitchen accessories you need to have, go ahead and accessorize your cooking space!

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