It’s a hassle to deal with pesky spills and stains when cleaning tablecloths. But worry not because there are accessories that will protect your table linens from stains and dirt. Click here to read more.

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5 Essential Dining Table Accessories and How to Choose Them

Tablecloths need protection from stains, spills, and heat just as tabletops do. To avoid these marks from getting on your table linens, it is important to use accessories like placemats, drink coasters, napkins, turntables, and trivets.


When buying placemats, you should select one that best suits your needs. They come in various materials like fabric, bamboo, and leather. They also come in a variety of water repellent materials like vinyl, plastic, and rubber. These materials work great for outdoor dining and have enough weight to resist gusts of wind. Regardless of the type of material, all placemats help prevent a tablecloth from getting any stains and they catch food particles. Plus, they protect the table linen from heat brought by freshly cooked food. Apart from these apparent uses, placemats can also be used as appealing covers for the back of toilets. Buying a bundle of mats of different colors to be used as decorations for your home is another unique use of placemats.

Drink Coasters

Drink coasters are designed to protect fixtures like table linens and placemats. They catch spills and prevent furnishings from getting damaged due to the excessive heat from hot drinks like coffee. They are also great accents for your dining table. There are many different designs for drink coasters to choose from, some sport granite textures while others feature modern art designs. If you are not into these kinds of designs, then go for coasters that display cute images of cats and dogs or the logo of your favorite sports team.


Napkins are often disregarded, especially when they are clean and pressed. But if they are dirty or wrinkled, the guests will immediately take notice, making their dining experience unpleasant and uncomfortable. To satisfy your guests, you have to choose a good variety of napkin. A cotton napkin feels nice to the touch and looks elegant. There are also white cloth napkins that are perfect in any dining facility or restaurant. They add grace and elegance, and can be one of the things that get people coming back to your restaurant.

Dining Turntables

Also referred to as “lazy susan”, turntables enhance comfort and convenience during dining time. They are made from various materials like glass, wood, and metal. They are usually attached in the center of a table so that food can be shared easily. They also avoid the hassle of passing the dishes during dinner, making them an essential accessory in the dining room. Aside from that, turntables accentuate your dining room. Placing a turntable with attractive colors and design makes your dining table all the more beautiful, making it an inviting place to eat.


Trivets function similarly as drink coasters, though they are also designed as a place where hot plates and pots can be set down. These are great fixtures on glass dining tables. Although most glass tables are tempered to protect them from excessive heat, it’s still important to use trivets to avoid the heat from getting to the table’s glass surface.