No one wants a house filled with disgusting odours. Apart from the bathroom, another main culprit that causes these foul smells is the kitchen waste bin. Fortunately, there are many useful ways to prevent your trash bins from emitting disgusting odours. Find out more about storage bins below.

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Newfrog Stainless Steel Automatic Sensor Dustbin Rubbish Waste Bin Trash Can
6L Smart Wireless Stainless Steel Automatic Sensor Dustbin Rubbish Waste Bin Trash Can Battery Powered Features: New design clean and sanitary.A breakthrough compare to open trash and traditional manual foot style greatlyimproving the user's cleanness and convenience.Strong internal hardware facilities. Automatic opening and closing covercontrol system composed of microcomputer control chip infrared detectormechanical driving device and linkage mechanism.Setting of machine light electricity in one high-tech new products withreliable performance long service life and low power consumption.Both anti fall and safe. Stainless steel barrel body ABS skull and pressurering greatly reducing the possibility of injury to human body.Use 4xAA battery to supply power never worry about the problem of noelectricity.Instructions:1. Full charge the bin open the power switch at the back of the barrel thered indicator light "on" (about 3 seconds) and then the indicatorflashes every 3 seconds indicating that the circuit system has entered theworking state2. Put in the garbage only the objects or hands near the sensing window (verticaldirection) 20cm above after about 0.5 seconds the lid is openedautomatically 3 seconds later the lid closed. If hand or object not leavingthe sensor area the lid will have been in the open state.3. when the trash is full remove the entire top lid and then can get theinner bucket inside the trash to dump the trash.4. lights in the usual waiting state showing the flashing red signal (flashesevery 3 seconds). The indicator light is green light when opening the cover ared light when close the cover when manual open the cover it shows greenflashing signal light (flashes every 3 seconds)5. when the battery is running out the indicator lights are yellow flashing(flashing every 3 seconds) and the battery can last about 3 months if it is switchedoff 20 times a daySpecifications:Cover/bottom: ABS plasticBarrel body: stainless steelPower mode: 4xAA battery(not included) Product size: 30 x 24 x 24cm/11.81 x 9.45 x 9.45inProduct weight: 1300g Applicable occasion: home hotel diningroom kitchen bank etc
HK$ 292.54
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Description:These are brand new Premium Quality Large stainless steel Steel Pedal Bins Foot operated hands free operationSmooth and Positive action. Hygienic inner bin with handle. Non slip and non marking base. These stianless steel sivler coloured pedal bins are ideal for any modern kitchen or bathroom and contemporary choice for the modern home kitchen and Hotels. A beautiful addition to compliment your kitchen. Choose from 6 different sizes of 3Litre 5Litre 8Litre 12Litre 20Litre and 30Litre.Features:100% Brand New and high qualityPremium Quality & High Quality stainless steelLarge size of rubbish capacityDurable opening mechanismOdour Proof and silent closing lid pedal binMatt Enamel Finished silver colour stainless steelClever hinge design lid stays open if desiredRobust pedal mechanismNon-slip and non-marking baseColours - Silver Stainless steelRemovable inner bucketConvenient outer carry handleLight in weight and easy cleanModern and stylish a great addition to any householdHygienic inner bin with non-slip and non marking baseChoose from 6 different sizes of 3Litre 5Litre 8Litre 12Litre 20Litre and 30LitreDimensions:3Litre: Height: 24.8cm x Diametre: 16.7cm (Approx)5Litre: Height: 28cm x Diametre: 20.5cm (Approx)8Litre: Height: 33cm x Diametre: 22.5cm (Approx)12Litre: Height: 39cm x Diametre: 25cm (Approx)20Litre: Height: 44cm x Diametre: 29cm (Approx)30Litre: Height: 65.5cm x Diametre: 29cm (approx)
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Ways to Effectively Eliminate Kitchen Waste Bin Odour

A waste bin, especially one used in the kitchen, will never smell anything like a bed of flowers. However, it should also not emit a foul-smelling odour that will stink up the entire kitchen. The bad smell isn’t just an annoyance – it can also cause pest infestations as mice, bugs, and flies will be attracted to the smell. Hence, here are some ways to throw your garbage while keeping odour at bay.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is one ingredient that can be found in most of our kitchens. Apart from being used for baking, soda bicarbonate can also be used for preventing odours in your trash can. Sprinkle some at the bottom of the trash can or directly into the garbage enable it to absorb any foul odour. Baking soda is also great for scrubbing any trash residue that might have been stuck in the trash can.


Another common household item to prevent stinky odour from being emanated from your kitchen waste bins is bleach. As a strong disinfectant, bleach is great to kill germs that cause the stink in your trash. However, you should be careful when using bleach to clean your trash can as it might damage the can’s finish. To avoid this from happening, you can add water to the bleach as it can still work perfectly in diluted form. If you are using bleach to clean your trash can, you should place it at a well-ventilated area to avoid a concentration of fumes.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are an anti-odour tool to remove any stink from your trash can. All you need to do is to toss a dryer sheet into the trash can and it can eliminate any disgusting odour with ease. A used dryer sheet works great, so you do not even need to use a brand-new sheet.

Cat Litter

Cat litter is not just for absorbing smells in the cat box; it can be used to eliminate odours released by kitchen trash cans too. Cat litter is effective in absorbing odours and liquids, leaving a fresh scent around the waste bin. Cat litter can usually last for about a week, whereby you can just dump it once it becomes damp with moisture. The grade of cat litter will not affect the effectiveness, so you can save the higher-grade ones for your beloved cat and use the cheaper options for your trash.

Antiseptic Solutions

The reason why your kitchen trash cans emit a stink is due to the bacteria and germs that are present on your discarded food items. Antiseptic solutions such as Listerine mouthwash is a great way to kill these bacteria. Simply pour a bottle cap worth of antiseptic solution into the waste bin and the stench should go away in no time.