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Popular Konami Games You Should Get

As one of the well-renowned game developers in the world, Konami delivers gaming titles that redefine the world of gaming. From role-playing games to sport games, Konamigaming titles arefantastically diverse.Since Konami boasts atremendousamount of exceptional games, it can be hard to choose. Thankfully, there is a list of legendary Konami games that can narrow down your choice. For true gamers, this is the essential guide to popular Konami games you should get.

Metal Gear Solid

As the most iconic Konami of all time, the Metal Gear series completely redefines the shootinggenre. Sinceits introduction in 1998, Metal GearSolid has raised for the stealth game genre.At that time, many shooter games only have forgettable plots that no one cares about.Itis assumed that everyone is only concerned about shooting and moving into another next level. However, Metal GearSolidseriesis so different as it is unlike anything that you see in a typical shooter game as it simply possesses intricate storyline that proves to be gripping.

Not only that, it pioneered the novel stealth element that is lacking in the action game genre. With such emphasis on stealth in the game, the Metal Gear series encourages players to rethink their approaches in completing their mission through the way they play.Thanks to its creator, Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear series is truly phenomenal as its setting and gaming environmentdefinitely drawsyou in for more.

Aside from learning and adapting stealthy skills and tricks, you will also wrestle with the motivations of other characters in the game. They do make you think even if your gameplay is unaffected.Needless to say, the success of this series also spawned numerous spin-offs.


For those that enjoy role-playing (RPG) game genre, theSuikodenseries is a familiarname because it is considered as one of the best RPGof all time. It revolves around the political struggles of the Scarlet Moon Empire and player is supposed to seek out 108 warriors in order to revolt against the corrupt rulers and bring peace to the war-torn land. While you can recruit up to 108 new characters to your cause, not all of the recruited characters are playable. In the battle system ofSuikoden, you can control each character individually in a party of 6 people. Each character also has his or her own unique weapon.

Although the story ofSuikodenis simple, its background visualsand music are simplybeautiful and fantastic. They are one of the reasons why people keep on playingSuikoden. As you immerse in this game, everything just becomes perfect. From the narrative to action,Suikodencauses you to fall in love with its expanding universe.Despite this,Suikodenhas been described as underrated because people forget about this classic RPGtitle.

Thosewho have playedSuikodenbefore often remember it fondly. For both young and old players,Suikodenis able to satisfy two different crowds. If you are a beginner,Suikodenis simple and does not come with complex gameplay. Experience RPG players will findSuikodenrefreshing because it is easy and dynamic game that offers exciting gaming experience. According toreviewers, the entire concept ofSuikodenis original and entertaining. In other words, you will never get bored with it because you can replay the games several times over.Fromduels to strategic war battles,Suikodenpresents its unique combat system that is largely turn-based.

Pro Evolution Soccer

The award-winning Pro Evolution Soccerfootball series by Konami is one of the best-selling video game franchises. Featuring official partnerships with club giants such as FC Barcelona, Liverpool FC, Borussia Dortmund and others, Pro Evolution Soccerseries boasts a great selection of your favorite football teams and players.Not just that, you canfindothertop teams and players from Europe, Latin America, and Asia as well. With such huge number of real-life players and teams you can select, you can build and lead your football team to glory.

Another appealing aspect about Pro Evolution Soccer is its authentic visuals and controls. In the game, players can control the ball in unique ways, based onwhere and how you control them. Characterized as real touch, this element enhances your gamingexperience. It also emphasizes natural player movement; hundreds of new animations have been added to bring the players to life. Even the goalkeepers get a great boost in their quality through motionsand animations.

The combination of fluid action and gorgeous visuals can keep you playing with your favorite teams for hours.Forthe first time in the history of football game, the AI (artificial intelligence) will learn how you play and adapt accordingly (you do not have to bear withpredictableAI thought any longer). The end result is that each match you play has its own character and flavor; it is an experience fit for a true football fan.