SALE KOSÉ ekkisei White UV Gel SPF 50+ PA++++ 80g Brand from Japan: Kose. Fresh feeling without a sense of burden. Being skin care, to prevent future spots. Sunburn preventive beauty gel containing compound complexed barley ingredients. Useless feeling without a sense of burden that forget to turn on. It is a sunburn stopping beauty gel which protects the skin with transparent skin while care. Skin texture effect: Combined pearl barley ingredients. Prevents skin irritating and softens skin with moisture. Transparent feeling up: Combine Wakan Botanical extract luxuriously. It gives moisture to the skin and nourishes a bright translucency to the extent that it gets dark. Comfort: Smooth gel formulation. It freshly spreads and spreads smoothly and smoothly to the skin. Protect from external environment: Protects the skin from environmental damage (ultraviolet rays, drying, fine particles in the atmosphere, etc.) to prevent spots and freckles caused by sunburn. Makeup base effect: It keeps the skin smooth and enhances makeup such as foundation. Easy off: You can gently drop it with your face wash and body soap. It is a gentle fragrance of modern floral common in snow skin. For the face / body. How to use: Spread a sufficient amount to the skin adequately. When using it on the face, use it at the end of care of the morning. If the amount used is small, sufficient ultraviolet protection effect can not be obtained. Refrain from painting frequently to keep day sunburn effect. Re-erase the skin after wiping it with a towel. HK$ 253.49 HK$ 266.79 −4%

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