Feminine products is a girl’s best friend, every month! Find your favorite Kotex Hong Kong products below or click here to know more about the brand.


Kotex Hong Kong - Every Girl’s Best Friend!

When it comes to feminine products, Kotex Hong Kong is the expert… since 1920! From pads, tampons, to feminine washes and pantiliners, you are sure to stay fresh and clean, even during heavy flows. Owned and managed by Kimberly-Clarke, Kotex is now available in 80 countries, servicing millions and millions of girls, and encouraging feminine hygiene across the globe. You can stay fresh and confident without worrying about odor or back leaks with Kotex Hong Kong!

Kotex Feminine products

Kotex has a wide array of products to take care of your feminine needs. Made with specialized materials to absorb moisture and odor, plus discreet packaging makes it a great brand. They also have a wide array of pads to suit your flow. Having period problems like back leaks? Kotex also has extra-long pads to keep you active during the day, and Kotex Overnights, when you hit the sack. Feminine washes and pantiliners are also available to keep unwanted odors and maintain pH balance and moisture.

Feminine Washes

As a girl, it is important to maintain proper feminine hygiene, everyday. Protect your intimate parts from bad bacteria and maintain proper pH balance to prevent bad odors and infections. Get rid of your feminine hygiene anxieties with Kotex Hong Kong!