When crocodile is mentioned, the first brand that would pop in your mind is Lacoste. Believe it or not, Lacoste only started producing shirts when the attire to play tennis was hindering him from winning. Today, Lacoste is known worldwide for their remarkable Polo shirts that are extremely versatile and comfortable. Scroll down to know more on how Lacoste changed the world.


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Lacoste, a brand designed for the tennis court

Back in the days, when one plays tennis, he is required to wear Tennis whites, consisting of a white, long sleeved button-down shirt, long pants and a tie. This was kind of restricting when someone is trying to race to the net to make an overhead shot. Rene Lacoste, a Frenchman was a superstar tennis player who found this attire was in his way of winning more games and he was in a great need of a shirt that was more accommodating to movement. One day, when he saw his friend in a polo shirt, he got this great idea that changed the whole world.

It was in 1927 when Rene Lacoste made himself a batch of shirts that were more comfortable to wear when he was playing tennis. It gave him more freedom to move while remaining gracefully elegant. Lacoste’s shirt replaced the popular long sleeve shirt that was popular among men those days and since it had a collar, it looked equally as graceful on the tennis court as it did under tennis blazers and sweaters.

When Rene Lacoste join forces with Andre Giller, the owner of one of the biggest and oldest factories that specializes in mesh materials, they changed the course of the who fashion industry by setting up a company to manufacture the crocodile logo embroidered pique knit shirt. They created the “La Chemise Lacoste” brand some became a legacy. Lacoste continued to work on his inventions and designs until his very last breath.

Today Lacoste brand has become a huge empire that is made out of expensive collection of sports and active wear for men, women and children, fragrance, eyewear, footwear, watched, and sports related products for tennis and gold, all displaying the famous crocodile. It is an universal brand that appeals a huge range of following.

The crocodile that changed the world

Have you ever wondered why Lacoste extremely famous logo is a crocodile? Their well-known polo shirt has a very brief but interesting fact behind the crocodile.

Rene Lacoste, the founder of the company, was nicknamed by the press as the “crocodile” after he made a bet with with the captain for the French Davis Cup Team. The bet was in the form of a crocodile skin suitcase that would be given to Lacoste if he won the match. (the bag was very important to the team)

Even though luck was not on his side for that match, the name got stuck to him forever. And since the public knew him as the crocodile, Lacoste then decided to have a crocodile embroidered on his blazer, which he wore to the court. That is how the crocodile was made part of Lacoste’s brand identity.

Best Lacoste products

In all of Lacoste’s products, shoes, pants, shirts, handbags and more, you can be assured that it is all made of high quality materials, out of this world designs and elegance.

They are most known for their iconic Polo shirt that was made popular in the tennis court. It features sweat absorbent and loose knit design, Lacoste’s Polo shirt are designed in various styles, colors and sizes to suit their wide range of followers. They also offer custom made and special edition polo shirts for those who like to be in the limelight. Their polo shirt not only represents power and social status, but also an awesome sense of fashion and style.

Other than their apparel, Lacoste was also known for their footwear. Simple and unique, their wide range of footwear is suitable for every occasion. They offer basic footwear than are perfect for work and a walk in the park, tennis shoes for both professional and recreational tennis games and sophisticatedly elegant shoes that are perfect for a formal brunch or cocktail parties.

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