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lalalove Kids Long-Sleeve Shirt at 96.00 HKD from YesStyle
lalalove Kids Long-Sleeve Shirt
HK$ 96.00 HK$ 101.00
Brand from China: lalalove. Color: Yellow, Materials: Cotton, Size: 95cm: Total Length: 39cm, Chest: 29cm, Sleeve Length: 31cm, Shoulder Width: 25cm 100cm: Total Length: 42cm, Chest: 31cm, Sleeve Length: 33cm, Shoulder Width: 27cm 110cm: Total Length: 46cm, Chest: 34cm, Sleeve Length: 36cm, Shoulder Width: 28cm 120cm: Total Length: 40cm, Chest: 36cm, Sleeve Length: 39cm, Shoulder Width: 30cm 130cm: Total Length: 53cm, Chest: 37cm, Sleeve Length: 42cm, Shoulder Width: 32cm, Care: N/A
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