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Splash of Colours and Fun With Stylish Lapalette Hong Kong

“Fashion is about dreaming and make other people dream.” – Donatella Versace

What is life without colourful dreams? Fashion is all about putting ourselves out there and experimenting with bold colours and unique designs. Lapalette offers you a chance to play with colours with its stylish collection of bags and accessories. With Lapalette “colored wit o’collection”, get ready to revamp your style and personality.

Lapalette Hong Kong: What’s The Story?

Lapalette is an established concept store that offers unique fashion from well-known designer brands. Inspiring and offering witty and vogue one-of-a-kind fashion to the people around the globe, this successful brand is based on fun British concept. Catering to those who aspire to live a contemporary lifestyle, this high-end label that explores the culture and utilizes fun colour palette in its designs is deemed as a coveted brand in the fashion world today.

Stand Out From The Rest With Lapalette Hong Kong

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” – Charles Eames

Details That Matter
Lapatte is a fascinating brand due to its interesting and unique details. With delicate care given to produce each and every creation, the highly detailed designs of Lapalette have become a widely recognized symbol of Lapalette.
A Combination of Art and Fashion
Not many brands out there could master the technique of combining art and fashion in one design. Over the years, Lapalette has perfected its skills and today it is known as an artistic contemporary brand that creates fine pieces of art and fashion.
Valuable Masterpiece
Like any other famous painting from the Renaissance Era, Lapalette is appreciated for its classic and artistic imagination. People with sophisticated taste will definitely find Lapalette as a masterpiece rather than a mere fashion brand.
Sophisticated Collection
Inspired by fine hand-crafted ornaments and classic collections, Lapalette’s wide range of designs are innovated to fit the taste of the current fashion trend.

Bags And Wallets From Lapalette Hong Kong

Check out the latest hot-selling bags and wallets from Lapalette.

Rolling Pocket Tote Bag
Freshly upgraded version of ‘POCKET HORSE LINE’ from Lapalette’s bestselling brand CUPCAKE, this tote bag has multiple pockets and witty designs. Creating a casual but a classic style, this bag with unique details can be used for a formal wear or even casual outfit. It comes with a detachable strap allowing it to be transformed from a tote bag to crossbody bag. Complete your look with this effortless kitsch and classic mini bag.
Lea Soft Backpack
Introducing MOST by Lapalette, this fresh from the runway Lea Soft Backpack is all you need to achieve a cool look. Made out of grainy textured cow leather, this natural looking backpack has soft touch body features and high durability. With square framed studs on the front pocket to add an edgy look, this backpack could be organized neatly to fit in your daily essentials. A perfect fit for your daily outfits, this backpack could be used for formal as well as chic and casual style.
Perky Wide Wallet
From the “PERKY LINE” collection that features simple design and Neptune hardware, the MOST by Lapalette wallet is the perfect gift for your loved one. Surprise your wife or girlfriend with the high durable wallet made out of scratch resistant cow leather. Practical for the use of storing bills, coins and cards, this multi-functional wallet will a favourite arm candy this season.

Glamorous Accessories From Lapalette Hong Kong

Check out the latest hot-selling charms and watches from Lapalette.

Lucky Tassel Charm
Representing the luxurious and lively lifestyle, this “Lucky Tassel Charm” from Lapalette is created with the iconic ‘Lucky Horse’ hardware and cow leather tassels. The delicately cut tassels and other finely handcrafted details reflect a premium design that serves as a key holder as well as bag accessory.
Vintage Michaela Watch
Introduced by the freshly launched watch line, ‘CORINTH by Lapalette’, every special moment in your life will be witnessed by this classic and unique watch. With a diamond-cut shape case and metal horse on the dial, this luxurious style is completed with a simple dot index and the signature cow leather strap. Get this versatile watch to complete your casual or formal outfits.

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A style is often regarded as a personal expression of yourself and your style defines the person that you are. Explore the unique and fun side of yours with Lapalette bags and accessories. You may also check out other amazing brands such as Coach, Elle, Givenchy and more.