From children to adults, Lego’s products are widely popular amongst people in Hong Kong of all ages. Lego sets guarantee hours of fun as you assemble the pieces together to create the final masterpiece. Relive your childhood memories and continue to live young with Lego’s extensive selection of toys! Find out more about Lego’s products and the reasons behind the brand’s popularity below.


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How Playing With LEGO's Can Benefit Your Child

Lego-a brand everyone knows. It's far more than just a fun toy, Lego can be a powerful learning tool for all levels, from preschool all the way to college. Construction toys allow children to explore their own creativity, teach them how to solve problems both on their own and in groups and create a foundational understanding of concepts they will use throughout their education.

Along with contributions to motor skills and social development, Lego bricks as educational tools can provide your child with skills and knowledge that will help them succeed both in school and in life. By encouraging constructive play and providing targeted activities focusing on specific skills, you can improve the benefits that Lego Hong Kong has for your children.

Promotes Fine Motor Skills

Children practice dexterity as they connect Lego pieces of different sizes and shapes. This requires different amounts of pressure to assemble and becomes a wonderful exercise for little fingers which supports children in being able to control the pressure they apply while writing.

Encourages Team Work

Through playing with Lego, children learn how to share and take turns. When working together on Lego building, children have to agree on the general idea of the thing they're building- is it a castle, a boat or a spaceship? Children have to follow each other's lead and begin to understand how different ideas can contribute to and extend their play. This can help increase language development as well.

Improves Creativity

Creativity may be the most obvious trait children can learn from playing Lego bricks and accessories, but it's no less important than other skills. As children use various shapes, colours and sizes of Lego to construct intricate designs, be it a police station or spacecraft travelling to the moon, creativity, and imagination are fostered when children have no limitations to what they can make.

Develops Problem Solving and Mathematical Thinking

The more structures play that comes from following the directions of a specific Lego set may not emphasize creativity but can help children develop problem-solving skills. Teaching children through the trial and error of putting bricks together in order to construct a specific shape or object teaches them how to work through a problem to find the solution, or possibly multiple solutions. Building creations to specific instructions with others can also teach children collaborative problem-solving, which is a critical skill for their success in school and future careers.

Improves Communication Skills

Lego is a great way to relieve stress and engage in meaningful and joyful conversations. As children comment on their Lego creations, they develop important communication skills including the ability to explain ideas, describe their work, talk about the process and verbalize challenged that they had along the way.

Develops Persistence

We've all watched a carefully constructed tower fall over. Lego teaches children the importance of persisting with a task to see your visions come true. Using Lego encourages children to have a go, take their time and to persevere. As their fine motor skills improve, children can create more elaborate construction and follow complex designs.

Improves Self-Esteem

Connecting small pieces of Lego to create a final product that follows a child's vision can be challenging. Achieving this task holds an immense sense of satisfaction that will show in a child's smile when they show off their completed work proudly. This has an immensely positive effect on a child's self-esteem.

Develop Lateral Thinking and Planning Skills

Following Lego instructions can be challenging. However, it does help children to develop planning skills as well as lateral thinking. When faced with an assembly problem, children have to retrace their steps and find out which part they need to remove in order to continue building.

Other Lego Products

From thematic models inspired by popular movies such as Star Wars and Pirates of The Caribbean to simple models that are children-friendly, Lego has a set for everyone. Besides offering toys to its consumers, Lego has expanded its business over the years to include more entertainment like movies and their very own amusement parks!


What better way to encourage individuals to embrace their inner child than by building an amusement park? Over the years, the company has built several amusement parks around the world, known as Legoland. Each Legoland features large-scale Lego models of famous landmarks and cities, as well as Lego-themed rides, providing something for both adults and children. The first-ever Legoland was built in Lego's hometown of Billund in Denmark.

After building three more Legoland parks in England, the United States, and Germany respectively, the company sold the parks and future building rights to Merlin Entertainments in 2005, as an effort to focus on its core business of making toy products. Merlin Entertainment continues to build more Legoland parks around the world, as well as introducing Lego-themed water parks.

Lego-Themed Films

The company also had a long history of producing Lego-themed films, TV series, and direct-to-video productions, dating back to as early as 1970. However, the most significant Lego film in Hong Kong was The Lego Movie, which was released on silver screens in 2014. Like its predecessors, The Lego Movie impressed audiences with its wit, colours, and overall storyline. Packed with popular actors lending their voices to the lovable characters throughout the movie, it was no wonder that this movie was a big hit!

Lego Video Games

Being the entertainment provider that it is, Lego also ventured into the video game industry. The company produced a long list of video games, starting in 1997 with Lego Island and Lego Creator. Video games aren't replacing traditional ways of playing with the toy, but they're providing new twists on Lego's ethos: the ability for children to be creative in their play.

The first Lego game was the relatively recondite Lego: Fun to Build, which launched in 1955 on an obscure educational system called the Sega Pico and challenged players to complete 2D models against the clock. In 1997, Lego Island offered a surprisingly accurate representation of the toy in-game: players built 3D jet skis and helicopters to explore a small island filled with quests. In 2005, British developer Traveller’s Tales started making games based on Lego’s branded sets, starting with Lego Star Wars and continuing with games inspired by Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Marvel superheroes and The Incredibles.

Lego’s adaptability, as well as the company’s willingness to work with other mega-brands like Disney, has been a key to its survival. Video games are one way in which the brand is kept relevant, introducing an entirely new generation to the potential of building bricks.

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