LG is traditionally known for producing top-quality home appliances such as televisions and washing machines. In recent times however, the company has been been building a strong presence for itself in the smartphone industry. Find out more about LG smartphones below.


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Life is Good with LG Hong Kong Smartphones

LG, a South Korean electronics giant, has become a household name amongst Hong Kong citizens as the company provides many different lines of products that they operate under different subsidiaries. Best known for their electronic products and home appliances worldwide, the company decided to venture into the smartphone industry. Today, LG is considered as one of the top smartphone manufacturers in the world.

What Makes LG Smartphones Unique

LG provides a wide range of mobile phones, which are sold at affordable prices. These smartphones have intuitive features and cutting-edge technologies that truly set them apart from their competitors. In fact, recently-released LG models like the LG V30 and LG V35 ThinQ are able to give higher-end phones a run for their money. Regardless of hardware or software, LG Hong Kong equips its smartphones to meet the expectations and demands of its users. Here are some reasons why you should consider owning an LG smartphone the next time you plan to change or upgrade your phone.

Value for Money

Being veterans in the electronics industry means LG has the latest and greatest technologies in its hands. This enables the company to equip its line of smartphones with innovative and cutting-edge features that add more value for users. Despite featuring the most advanced technologies, LG ensures that its phones are marketed at wallet-friendly prices so that they are accessible to Hong Kong citizens from all walks of life. This means that LG phones offer more bang for your buck, making them a worthy investment.

Cutting-Edge Features

As mentioned above, LG aptly equips its smartphones with top-notch features that are backed by ground-breaking technologies, including:

  • NOVA display technology: A proprietary display technology that offers LG smartphones with greater outdoor visibility, clear readability, and more natural-looking colours. Not only does this improve the display's visual quality, it enables you to stay productive and entertained while you are on the go.
  • Wi-Fi Direct: LG understands that the ability to stay connected to the Internet is important in today's digital era. This is why LG employs a Wi-Fi direct line on some of its phones and tablets. This technology enables users to transfer data easily between devices without going through an access point or through Bluetooth.
  • G-key: The G-key is a button that is mounted on the side of some LG smartphones. This button enables users to access commonly-used functions conveniently. For example, users can simply press the G-key and shake the smartphone to activate the smartphone's camera application.

Wide Variety of Options Available

This is one of the reasons why LG has been regarded as a reputable smartphone manufacturer in Hong Kong. Whether you are a cash-strapped student or a successful businessperson, there is a phone in LG's inventory for you. The phones offered by LG include flagship models that come with the latest features, mid-range options that have solid specifications, and budget units that have all the essentials covered. This enables LG to cater to the majority of the Hong Kong population, a feat that not all smartphone brands are able to achieve.