The Le Pliage collection is synonymous with the popular French bag brand, Longchamp. No matter what the occasion, the bag is the perfect accessory to go along with your outfit. You can now look Parisian chic with Longchamp Hong Kong!


How to Spot a Fake Longchamp Bag

Famously known for its “Le Pliage” tote bag, Longchamp is an iconic French brand that has captured the hearts of people from all over the world. People craze over the bags as they are versatile, practical, low-maintenance, minimalistic, and come in a variety of designs and colours. Many love the idea of owning a high-quality bag that is not only beautiful but practical and on top of that, the canvas exterior of the bag makes it easy to clean. The bags are not difficult to get your hands on as they are available literally everywhere. However, you need to be wary as there are many counterfeit Longchamp products sold in the market. So, here is a guide to spot whether your tote bag is fake or authentic.

Leather Flap

The first step to checking the bag is to look at the pattern of the leather flap. An authentic bag has diamond patterns made out of somewhat straight criss-cross lines. As for the fake, it typically has a slightly-indented fish-scale texture, circular or irregular pebble-like surface or smooth. On the other hand, the backside of the leather flap should have a jockey logo indented in it. It may also turn tan after extended usage. It also should be smooth and not hairy. Do be reminded that totes that are larger in size, the indentation may not be that obvious. Nonetheless, it still can be easily felt if you run your fingers across the flap. In contrast, the fake generally has no jockey logo and can be completely flat. Furthermore, the flap feels like it has no hair or is too hairy.

Hot-stamped graphics

Another important aspect to take note of is hot-stamped graphics. The jockey logo of the leather flap should be right smack in the middle of it. The image should be pointed to the left side along with a hot-stamped line beneath the logo for the older bag models. The newer models will not have this line. Underneath the jockey logo should be where the snap button is located and the image is also well-aligned. The design of the snap button should look like a jockey and not other shapes. Alternatively, a counterfeit product will not always have the jockey logo perfectly centred and the image is inverted.


An authentic pair of handles is usually rather flat. Similar to the leather flap, the diamond-shaped pattern should also be present on the handles. The edges are painted black or dark brown. There is actually a division between the folded leather straps of the handles, with nothing in between. When the tote is still brand new, the handles will tend to be “stiff”, but after prolonged usage, it will become “soft”. Other than that, the attachment for the handles is stitched to perfection without any odd spacing in between as well as double stitching on the corners where it might be potentially strained. Conversely, the imitation tote will have straps that are more rounded. This is due to the synthetic leather used to manufacture it. The thin artificial leather would actually be too delicate to form an arch shape. It will also not handle the weight of the bag particularly if it’s too heavy. The side of the handles will usually have a binding or poor finishing. As for the attachments, it might be overstretched, crooked, or has a bigger stitching area.


An authentic tote bag has a nylon canvas body that is quite matte and does not reflect any light. If the bag reflects quite a bit, it is definitely a fake. Also, if it looks shiny from afar, that is a bag you would not want to purchase. There are only so many colours Longchamp uses for their tote bags with more than 12 colours offered every season. There is a list of colours called the “Pliage colour code table” that you can check on their official website. The stitching will usually match the colour of the nylon bag. So if the stitching is white in colour or differs from the nylon colour, it is a fake.

Zipper and zipper pull

An additional sure sign of an authentic bag is the “YKK” and “T” letters marked on the zipper. Besides that, the round zipper pull reads “LONGCHAMP” on the top curve and “1948” at the bottom curve. It is normal for the “gold” zippers to fade over time. The fake bag will not have the lettering “YKK” and “T” marked on it and the “LONGCHAMP” on the zipper pull will probably be misspelt and the font for “1948” will look a little off. With prolonged usage, you will spot some discolouration on the zipper.


You can also refer to the “Pliage colour code table” for the interior of the bag. But typically, the light or vibrant coloured bags will usually have a white or beige lining, while the darker colours have a darker lining. The pocket should be made with the same material and colour as the exterior nylon body. It also gives off a smooth rubbery texture. In contrast, the lining colour of the fake bags is different from the nylon exterior and does not have a smooth rubbery texture.

Longchamp does not only cater to products for women as they have products such as wallets, backpacks, document holders, and many more for men!

Where are Longchamp outlets in Hong Kong?

You can purchase goods from Longchamp in Hong Kong like Sogo Causeway Bay, Queen’s Road Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, and New Town Plaza. You can also purchase from online merchants like Amazon and Jomashop.

What's the price of Longchamp Le Pliage in Hong Kong

Le Pliage is a small foldaway bag inspired by origami that has become an iconic bag worldwide. It's one of the most affordable designer bags made from nylon with the price point starting from $125 which is around RM 382.17. The large ones can go up to $190, which will cost you approximately RM 581.72 in Ringgit Malaysia. The lightweight feature of the bag is one of the things that customers loved the most, making it one of the classic, best-selling handbags from the brand.

Whether you’re a college student or professionals, Le Pliage is the practical bag that will fit your day to day belongings from books, notes, laptops, and makeup cases. The leather envelope, gold button and logo zippers give this useful bag the touch of elegance you need.

Longchamp HK price list

You can buy fashion items from Longchamp like bags, clothing, shoes, and eyecare. The price of Longchamp in Hong Kong might vary according to the type of items you’re planning to get. Here is a table comprising the price of Longchamp:




Longchamp Pliage Red Synthetic Handbags

HK$ 297.57

Vestiaire Collective

Longchamp Roseau Navy Leather Backpacks

HK$ 603.33

Vestiaire Collective

Longchamp Navy Leather Backpacks

HK$ 980.00

Vestiaire Collective

Longchamp Ladies Le Pliage Cuir Backpack

HK$ 1,979.12


Longchamp Le Pliage Women's Neo Navy Blue Backpack

HK$ 2,247.64


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Does Longchamp ever go on sale?

Longchamp bags rarely ever go on sale. But online merchants like Saks Off 5th and Nordstrom have Cyber Sale where you can get Longchamp bags on discount. From the classic ‘Le Pliage’ tote that’s perfect both as a carry-on and an everyday staple, to an ultra-stylish mini backpack silhouette that’s a nod to the ‘90s, to even boldly printed bags that are sure to amp up your wardrobe.

Is Longchamp a luxury brand?

Longchamp is a French luxury brand and is very much steeped in the tradition and heritage of artisan manufacturing and their French heritage.

Is it cheaper to buy Longchamp in Europe?

Longchamp bags are significantly cheaper in France’s retail stores! So if you ever have a chance to visit France, be sure to visit Longchamp to bring a Longchamp bag home.