The French are known to be one of the top countries that always produce high-quality luxury items. Among the many French luxury fashion brands, Louis Vuitton is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and legendary brands. Read here about why Louis Vuitton is so revered in the fashion industry and find out if their products are worth every penny.


Top Louis Vuitton Price List 2020

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Louis Vuitton The Speedy Handbag HK$ 1,667.96 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton The Speedy Handbag Brown HK$ 1,667.96 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Cartouchiere Cloth Bag HK$ 1,906.98 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Alma BB Leather Handbag HK$ 7,800.00 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton The Speedy Handbag White HK$ 3,054.74 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Sobe Leather Clutch Bag HK$ 2,388.94 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Eva Cloth Handbag HK$ 5,551.89 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Eva Cloth Handbag Brown HK$ 5,551.89 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Rivoli Cloth Handbag HK$ 4,958.18 Vestiaire Collective
Louis Vuitton Alma BB Leather Handbag Pink HK$ 7,800.00 Vestiaire Collective
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Louis Vuitton The Speedy Handbag

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Why You Should Invest in Bags & Accessories from Louis Vuitton Hong Kong

Louis Vuitton, often known as LV, was founded more than a century ago, making it one of the oldest fashion brands still successfully operating today. People say that with age, comes wisdom, and in Louis Vuitton’s case, age was followed by a myriad of iconic bags, luggage, and more. The Louis Vuitton logo itself symbolizes unquestionable glamour, class, luxury, and sophistication.

The brand has been named for six consecutive years as the world’s most valuable brand and there’s a logical reason behind it. Whether it’d be Louis Vuitton handbags, Louis Vuitton wallets, or other Louis Vuitton items like clothes and accessories, they will surely be worth your every penny.

Louis Vuitton bags have the best value

Believe it or not, despite it being a luxury brand, Louis Vuitton’s handbags are some of the most affordable branded items ever. When compared to other luxury brands, Louis Vuitton’s bags are often available at the fraction of the cost. Of course, it depends on which collection you purchase as some items are limited edition, vintage, or just downright rare, which skyrockets the price. However, if you’re willing to spend a tad bit more on a limited edition or rare LV products, rest assured that the resale value will stay high.

Personalize your own Louis Vuitton products

You won’t be the only person parading Louis Vuitton items around town but there’s a way to stand out in the crowd. Instead of blowing your budget on Louis Vuitton’s Made to Order LV bags, you can opt to personalize your Louis Vuitton items in store through the Monogram service. They will print your initials on your Louis Vuitton purse, wallets, or phone cases. Your initials will certainly stand proud next to Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram.

Durability is guaranteed with Louis Vuitton products

Luxury goods are guaranteed to be durable and that’s part of the reason why they’re worth to be invested in. Instead of repeatedly buying cheaper bags and accessories, Louis Vuitton items will stay with you for a longer period of time. Most of the bags are manufactured using a special type of untearable and unscratchable canvas. The brand also has a dedicated service center and product care for regular maintenance or for repairs.

Exclusivity and variety everywhere you go

Louis Vuitton would always sell different designs of products in every region. Depending on where you are, you may find products that are cheaper or more expensive compared to the prices in other places. Louis Vuitton also does not have many manufacturing plants, so you will always have a certain level of exclusivity depending on where you reside.

Iconic Louis Vuitton products

Despite offering an array of products, LV is most known for its handbags and luggage. Since its conception 183 years ago, they have released a number of statement pieces but we picked the top five handbags and luggage, perfect for your next investment.



Louis Vuitton Alma

The Alma bag was introduced in the 1930’s and it features two zippered compartments. Available in a variety of colors, patterned, finishes, and sizes, this LV bag. the perfect everyday satchel.

Louis Vuitton Noé

The Noé bag was built in 1932 for one single purpose and that is to transport five bottles of champagne at once. It is now the second oldest bag in the Louis Vuitton product list that is still being sold.

Louis Vuitton Speedy

Speedy was also introduced in the 1930’s and it is now considered as the most affordable Louis Vuitton bags. It comes in four different sizes: Speedy 40, Speedy 35, Speedy, 30, and Speedy 25.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

This Louis Vuitton tote bag launched in 2007 does exactly what is says on the label; it never be full. Whether you get the Petite, Moyen (medium), or Grand model, your tote bag will always be spacious.

Louis Vuitton Capucines

Named after Rue des Capucines, the street where Vuitton opened his first store, this bag was introduced in 2013. Unlike the usual LV bags, the Capucines only has one monogram clasp and a solid body.

Frequently Asked Questions about Louis Vuitton

How much is a Louis Vuitton bag in Hong Kong?

The price of a Louis Vuitton bag in Hong Kong usually ranges from HK$13,800 to HK$64,000, depending on which bag models you are planning to buy.

Does LV go on sale?

Louis Vuitton never makes any sale and Louis Vuitton products are exclusively sold in stores and through their official website.

How much is the cheapest Louis Vuitton bag?

The cheapest Louis Vuitton bag you can find in Hong Kong as of April 2020 is the Alma BB priced at HK$13,800.