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When it comes to designing interesting, eye catching, fun, practical and still stylish apparels and accessories, Moschino is the brand that knows exactly what they are doing. From, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silversted, Fran Descher to mostly every fashion savvy individuals in the world have fallen in love with the elegant design, perfect craftsmanship of the “cutting and stitching” Italian tailoring of Franco Moschino. This brand is particularly known for their provocative, mocking, critical approach to fashion which in turn made them world famous. ‘Warning: Fashion shoes can be dangerous to your health’, ‘Life is many attitudes, so is fashion’ and ‘Good taste doesn’t exist’ are just some of the quirky, sharp slogans which were featured in Moschino’s ad campaigns.

Buttons made of fried eggs or plastic windmills, teddy bears grouped together to make a warm winter hat and golden safety pins that adds glamour and style to a sexy strapless evening dress are just the many way to spot a Moschino anywhere in the crowd. Over the years, Moschino has expended so large, they now include the younger Moschino Cheap and Chic collection, the Love Moschino Denim collection, fragrances, lingerie and even unique accessories. Having placed their mark in all over the world, Moschino can even be seen in the streets of Hong Kong. Some of the local favourites include the Moschino I Love Love Fragrance for Women, the Cheap and Chic Knee Length Dresses and Short Dresses.

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