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The Truth of Cushion SPF 50+/PA+++The multi-sun block foundation makes skin look moisturized and radiant with breathable makeup by applying IOPE bio technologyAir Cushion FeaturesThe 4th-Generation Air Cushion makes skin look bright and moisturized for long hour by improving skin's moisture retention capability with Bio water. SPF50+/PA+++Moisturizing, refreshing cushion containing Bio waterBio Water consisting of various water-soluble nourishing ingredients and 5 kinds of electrolyte with a function of controlling the moisture of skin promotes smooth application on skin by promptly improving skin's moisture retention inisde and outside skin.Light yet strong coverage with Air Cover PowderIOPE's patented Air Cover Powder makes skin texture look beautiful and smooth as it closely adheres to skin without clumps.Bright, radiant skin for long hoursIt makes skin tone look brighter by naturally improving skin's own tone and radiance as if skinis holding moisture.Whitening/UV Protection/Wrinkel Improvement Cosmetic Effects/Efficacy: Whitens skin. Protects skin from UV rays. (SPF50+/PA+++) Reduces Wrinkles.Air Cushion TypesAir Cushion is made by concentrating on three major properties of cushion makeup (coverage, radiance long-lasting). It can create various skin expressions with Air Cushion Natural Glow, which features three kinds of balance in the best way possible. Air Cushion's 3 major properties: coverage, radiance, long-lastingAir Cushion Natural Glow Improved Coverage - Air Cushion Intense Cover Improved Radiance- Air Cushion Lasting Moisture Improved long-lasting function (adherence) - Air Cushion Matte Long WearAir Cushion Natural Make skin look naturally radiant and bright as it softly adheres to skinPerfect-Fit clear coating film provides naturally radiant, healthy, and bright skin as it softly adheres to skin.The excellent balance of natural coverage, radiance, and long-lasting function provides a comfortable finish to skin.Air Cushion Lasting MoistureMakes skin look moisturized and radiant as if holding moistureThe skin glazing complex makes skin look hydro-radiant as if skin is holding up moisture.Air Cushion Intense CoverMakes skin look smooth and clean with perfect coverage of blemishesAir-Cover Powder Barrieer System makes skin look flawless by smoothly covering skin's blemishes and red tone.Air Cushion Matte Long WearMakes skin look matte and bright without shine for long hoursThe compact fitting system and pore care make skin look matte and silky-bright for long hours without darkening.*Pore ElastomerThe clear Pore Elastomer structure with big volume provides the effect of concealing pores by forming a smooth film and reduces shine by containing sebum within the structure.Number and Coloring Numbers and Coloring Warm Tone Natural Tone Cool Tone 13 (Ivory)     C13 Cool Ivory 21 (Beige) W21 Warm Beige N21 Natural Beige   23 (Sand) W23 Warm Sand N23 Natural Sand   *If nothing seeps out of the cushion when pressed down, the contents have been used up. Replenish with a refill.

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