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crea modo Decora Girl Coupy-Design Color Mascara (Pure Orange) 7g
HK$ 88.00 HK$ 110.00

Brand from Japan: crea modo. High coloring color mascara realized because it is a color expert. Brilliant coloring as it is Cupie Pencil. Even if it is a single color or a combination of multiple colors, each color stands out without mixing. Even if it is attached only to the corner of the eyes and lower eyelashes at the point of usual black mascara, it is cute. The coloring with luster like a fresh one lasts all day long. It's a long paint in one paint. Extreme Long Eyelash. Two long and short fiber fibers coat one eyelashes and transform it into natural long eyelashes. Excellent compatibility with eyelashes with eyelash extensions. It fits naturally to extensions and your own eyelashes. It does not grow as a smooth extension. Waterproof & quick-drying. It is a waterproof type that does not blister into tears, sweat, and sebum. Even though it is strong in sweat and water, it is easily turned off with lukewarm water. You can drop it without rubbing your eyes. Quick-drying, you can finish quickly and easily even in a busy morning. Easy prescription that does not hurt the eyelashes even if used everyday. Seven kinds of essence ingredients gently lashes eyelashes. Panthenol, hyaluronic acid Na, pomegranate flower extract, Assembly extract, aloe vera extract - 1, button extract, biotinoyl tripeptide - 1. Oil free, non silicone, surfactant free. Flavor fragrance smell fluffy. Adopt soft carving brush. With the shape of the brush along the eye curve, catch the eyelids with short eyelids as well as the eyelids. From the root to the tip, it reproduces long and beautiful curl. A soft bristle brush separates the eyelashes one by one, and brings the fibers into close contact.

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