As parents, it is your responsibility to love and care for your children from the moment they are born all throughout childhood and later years. From bottles to beddings, MAM let’s you cherish your child’s tender years! Enjoy parenthood with safe and exciting products from MAM Philippines! Check out available items below or read more about the brand here.

MAM Clothing

MAM Hong Kong - Helping you with your Child’s Growth and Development

According to clinical studies, your child’s tender years will affect their growth and development in later years. Ensuring that they get proper nutrition, plenty of sleep and playtime, social stimulation, and proper care aids them throughout childhood. MAM Hong Kong let’s you enjoy the joys of parenthood during your child’s tender years. Their excellent quality, and hypoallergenic sets of baby bottles, pacifiers, toddler cups, and teethers guarantee fun feeding times with your baby. Show your love for your little tykes with MAM Hong Kong

About MAM Hong Kong

If you are looking for a great brand that would help you enjoy parenthood more than anything, then MAM is what you are looking for. Since 1976, the brand has been providing excellent quality baby care items such as teats, bottles, and teethers. The brand was founded in Vienna, Austria by Peter Röhrig and produced the first soothers for babies. In the span of 11 years, MAM became an international brand spreading across Europe, the United States, and now in Asia. Driven by growth and innovation, the brand has developed more than 102 patents, and 6 industrial designs, and partnering with 20 medical partners to ensure that all MAM baby products are medically safe for use. MAM takes the extra mile to ensure that your baby is happy and healthy.

Products that your babies would love from MAM

MAM is all about making you and your babies happy with excellent quality products! A trusted brand by parents across the globe, you should have at least of these MAM baby products that would make your little ones not only happy, but healthy:


Working closely with pediatric dentists and orthodontists, MAM pacifiers are developed and designed to suit your baby’s growig chompers. MAM pacifiers are anatomically correct, and adapts to the baby’s growing needs. Using soft silicone nipples, anti-slip surfacewith big air holes for added comfort, MAM pacifiers are a whole new level of innovation.

Baby bottles and toddler cups

Helping babies transition from breast or bottle feeding to gaining more independence in drinking, MAM has developed special baby bottles and toddler cups that would help your kids learn and grow. MAM has developed two types of bottles: one for reducing colic gas and burps, and the other for easy filling and cleaning.

Oral care and teethers

With the help of pediatric dentists, MAM has created innovative toothbrushes, gum cleaners, and teethers thta would make your little ones smile. MAM oral care products help babies learn an oral routine, ensure a pleasurable experience, with appealing designs that would make your babies more interested in keeping their teeth and mouth clean!

Baby bottles - what you need to know

Among the best baby products from MAM are their excellent selection of baby bottles that would help with nutrition, and nurturing. With the vast varieties of products and designs, choosing the right one can be a little bit confusing, so here is a quick guide on how to pick out the best MAM baby bottles for your infants:

  • When picking out the perfect baby bottle for your baby, the first thing you need to do is examine the type of material used. Among the best options are glass bottles because of its thermal and shock resistant qualities. It is als easy to clean, and heat without any risk of potential chemicals. However, silocone and medical-grade plastic are also acceptable.
  • The second thing that you should look into is the teats or nipples that you are going to be using. Ther are two types of nipples to choose from: (1) narrow and (2) breast-like. Performance-wise, both nipples are exactly, the only thing that separates them is that breast-like nipples are easier to clean than narrow ones.
  • The last thing that you should look into when choosing bottles is to vent, or not to vent. Vents or valves on the teat create a multi-part system which helps decrease colic gas, burping, and discomfort for your baby. While this is a good thing, it may be a little bit hard to clean since these type of bottles have hard to reach corners and can be the root of infection if not cleaned properly.

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For the past 40 years, MAM has been providing top quality products for babies, and helping parents enjoy their new found love. Working with pediatricians and medical experts, MAM sets the standard in creating the finest baby products that would make your baby happy and healthy. If you are looking for a selection of MAM Hong Kong products online, then click here and shop at iPrice!