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Diabetes is one of the world’s biggest killers. Thankfully, we in Hong kong can fight it by keeping an eye on our blood glucose levels. What is blood glucose? Here are some frequently-asked questions about blood glucose.

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iHealth Blood Glucose Lancets
HK$ 50.00

This box of 50 lancets is used with the iHealth lancing pen. Lancets are ultra small needles slightly that are used to collect a blood sample. They are used with an iHealth lancing device that will adjusts the depth and strength of the needle so that the drawing of blood is virtually painless. The drop of blood collected will be put in contact with the strips. The iHealth strip (link), inserted in the iHealth blood glucose meter, will measure the blood glucose by analysing the reaction between the blood and the strip.

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AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose TEST STRIPS - 50 Count
HK$ 509.00 HK$ 798.00

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips are validated for dogs and cats. The manufacturer also offering the NEW Alpha Trak II - the unit can only be used with strips and lancets which are marked Alpha Trak II. The AlphaTRAK product listed here can only be used AlphaTRAK Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter Do not use if expiration date has passed. Do not use if box seal is broken or missing. Federal law restricts this device to use by or on the order of a licensed vet Alphatrak Detailer Alphatrak User Guider

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AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Meter
HK$ 415.00 HK$ 1,251.00

AlphaTRAK 2 Starter Kit monitor is the first complete hand-held blood glucose monitoring system designed specifically for diabetic cats and dogs. To be used only alphatrak II test strips and lancets can be used with the alphatrak 2 glucose meter. Reliable sample detection technology ensures clinical precision. Specifically calibrated and balidated for dogs and cats, resulting in accurate readings Easy to use 3-step process with results in seconds Instructional DVD includes simple steps on how to perform a blood glucose test, capillary sampling tips and tricks, and other useful information for you to get started Small blood sample needed making it easy to get results fast Downlable software that tracks and reports AlphaTRAK 2 Meter readings, the pet's treatment and other activities View Instructional Videos Here Alphatrak Detailer Alphatrak User Guider Test Procedure: Insert the test strip in to the meter port. This will turn the meter on. Select the correct species-specific code. Touch one side of the test strip to the blood sample. Results will appear on the display screen. Use only with AlphaTRAK 2 test strips. Contents AlphaTrak 2 Meter 25 AlphaTRAK 2 Test Strips Lancing Device 30 AlphaTRAK Lancets AlphaTRAK Control Solution Instructional DVD Diabetes Diary User's Guide Carrying Case

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Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit
HK$ 313.00 HK$ 501.00

Advocate® PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit is a system designed to aid in the treatment of Pet Diabetes. This device is specifically calibrated for your dogs and cats to give accurate readings. Always consult with your pet?s veterinarian prior to starting new treatments. Advocate makes no recommendations on treatment options and is solely a system for measuring Blood Glucose levels in dogs and cats. Features: Calibrated for Dogs & Cats 0.3uL Sample Size 5 Seconds Test Time No Coding Key Required Extremely Easy to Use Accurate & Precise Results Use with PetTest Bmb-Ba002P Advocate® Blood Glucose PetTest Strips Kit Includes: PetTest Bmb-Ev099X Blood Glucose Meter PetTest User Manual PetTest Quick Reference Guide 10 PetTest Test Strip (Bmb-Ba002P) Control Solution Carrying Case 10 Lancet Lancing Device 2 AA Batteries

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5 Frequently-asked questions about blood glucose answered

“Health is not valued till sickness comes” – Thomas Fuller

Life and breath are so fragile. One minute it is full and vibrant, the next it is gone. Among all the health complications, diabetes seems to be one that we can successfully avoid given the right monitoring and care. In this area specifically is where blood glucose factors come in. To the uninitiated, the term ‘blood glucose’ may be unfamiliar. But we in Hong kong should be acquainted with this term. Here are some questions frequently asked about blood glucose and how it affects us.

1. What is blood glucose?

Here’s where the science part comes in. Blood glucose refers to a type of sugar carried in our blood. As the body converts sugar into energy, these molecules called glucose are broken down to smaller molecules and eventually absorbed by our body. From this absorption, energy is produced. The process of breaking down glucose into energy is called metabolism.

2. How does it affect us?

Too much of anything is not good. The same can be said of blood glucose. Our body’s metabolism has an optimal level. This simply means that our sugar or glucose intake should not exceed a certain amount. The body regulates the levels of glucose and equilibrium is achieved in a state called homeostasis. The balance of homeostasis is affected when too much sugar is consumed. Excessive amounts of sugar are found in:

  • Desserts – doughnuts, candy, ice cream, chocolate, pies, etc.
  • Sweet drinks – soda, cordial, sweetened coffee/tea, milkshakes
  • Energy bars – those designed for high-intensity workouts
  • Daily cooking – used as sweetener in daily food
  • Fruits – fruits contain a high level of sugar (although most are sucrose)

Once your body is unable to regulate the blood glucose levels, a condition called diabetes sets in. Diabetes is one of the most dangerous of diseases one could have. Severe diabetes could lead to excessive bleeding and gangrene.

3. How can we monitor blood glucose?

Now we’re asking the right questions. So how can we monitor blood glucose? The answer is twofold. First, keep an eye on what you eat. Another way to monitor blood glucose levels is to use a blood glucose monitor. Instead of visiting the doctor for a blood test, you could simply purchase a certified personal blood glucose monitor. These gadgets are efficient at testing your sugar levels and can give an accurate reading.

4. How can we prevent high blood glucose levels?

The answer is simple! Besides monitoring your glucose levels, be sure to regulate your activity with your sugar intake. If you consume more sugar during the course of the day, squeeze in a workout or go for a run to sweat and increase your metabolism. Limit your consumption of sweet foods, especially artificial and processed foods. If you need to consume more sugar, do it in the morning or early afternoon. This pushes your body to burn the extra energy throughout the day.

5. How can we create awareness on blood glucose level monitoring?

This step is crucial in the search for a healthy living. Creating awareness on blood glucose levels ensures that your friends and relatives know the benefits and negative effects of excessive blood glucose. Some ways you might want to try out are through social media postings, word of mouth, or simply texting information about blood glucose to your friends and family. You could save a life in the process.