Smart USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Trap Repeller Bug Insect Repellent This Smart USB Mosquito Killer Lamp is perfectly suitable for use in bed-room, study, chicken farm and garden, etc, killing mosquitoes in a way completely safe to humans and pets. Utilizing a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system, low power consumption and high anti-mosquito performance. Multifunction Smart Mosquito Killer Lamp Utilizing a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system, low power consumption and high anti-mosquito performance. Eco-friendly & Physical Method Purely physical mosquito eradication technique kill mosquitoes in a manner completely safe to humans and pets, no electric noise, non-chemical, non-toxin, and non-radiative. Easy Use Simply plug the Mosquito Killer Lamp into an electrical outlet so that flying or crawling insects nearby will be attracted to the light and approach the electronically charged metal grid which will result in their electrocution. 360 Degree Suction Fan Mosquitoes flying at close proximity from any direction will be sucked into the insect trapper, very effectively. USB Power Support Design Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage, and it can be powered by an adapter, power bank or any device with a USB port. Wide Application Great for use in bed-room, study, hall, hotel, office, camping tent, chicken farm and garden, etc. Specifications Material ABS Item Type Mosquito Killer Lamp Plug USB Rated Power 3W Voltage 110V-220V Output 5V/ 1A Applicable Area 20-50 Square Meters (Indoor) Color Black/ White Product Size Height 19cm x Diameter 13cm Product Weight 450g Package Contents 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp 1 x USB Cable HK$ 77.91
Solar LED Mosquito Killer Lamp Lawn Light The Solar Powered Mosquito Zapper Light is ideal for lighting up your outdoor space for killing the mosquito and the other insect pest; or as an accent light to illuminate your trees, bushes or your home, giving the ideal lighting accent. Powered by the sun solar energy. Solar-powered lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Features Protects your family from annoying mosquitoes, insects bites. Solar-powered mosquito and bug zapper means no more batteries! Save money on electricity and batteries when you switch to these amazing solar-powered bug zappers. Just put them in the ground, and the sun powers them every day for constant protection from bugs all night! The LED used can produce 380mm ray of light, which can attract mosquitoes around to close to the light source. When mosquitoes fly close to the light source, they will be killed by the grid which was full of electric current. Compact & lightweight, easy to carry & highly portable, also great for fishing, camping, hiking, jogging, golfing or simply enjoying your patio or porch. Easy installation. It's a great convenient way to kill flies and bugs indoors and outdoors, no smell, no chemicals and no environmental pollution. Specifications Solar Panel 2V / 50mA Battery 1 x 1.2V 600mAh Ni-MH Battery (included) LED Count 2 LED Color Purple, White Mode Count 2 Product Weight 225g Product Size 15 x 15 x 16 cm Package Contents 1 x Solar LED Mosquito Killer Lamp HK$ 33.36

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“I so need a holiday right now!” a lament that is commonly heard nowadays whenever someone feels they need an escape from all the crap happening in their life. Travelling not only enables us to relax and de-stress from our hectic everyday lives, it also enables us to experience new cultures, savour unique and mouth-watering cuisines, enjoy beautiful scenery, et cetera.

5V USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Insect Fly Bug Zapper Trap Pest LED Control UV Light Specification: Product Name: Mosquito Killer Lamp Material: Plastic Color: White, Black Rated Voltage: DC 5V Rated Frequency: 50Hz Usage Area: 60~100 Size: 13*20cm/ 5.12*7.87" (L*h) Gross Weight: Approx. 550g Features: - Exterminating mosquitoes in physical way. Compared with traditional mosquito killing methods, such as electric mosquito swatter, mosquito repellent incense, insecticide, etc.The mosquito killer lamp is nontoxic and odorless, safer and more convenient. - Low noise, does not affect sleep at all, and families with babies are also suitable for use. - Constantly and steadily attracting mosquitoes with remarkable results. Energy saving and no glare. - Strong motor fan, strong suction, The mosquitoes can't escape after they get close. - USB charging, convenient and one key switch, simple operation. Note: 1. Close the door, turn off the light to use better. 2. Placed at a height of more than 1 meters, the scope of light diffusion is larger and the effect is better. 3. After 24-72 hours of continuous use, the mosquitoes in the room can basically be wiped out. 4. Please open the mosquito killer lamp at least 2 hours in advance. 5. The human body is more attractive than the mosquito killer lamp. Therefore, Even if the mosquito killer lamp is placed next to people,people are still bitten by mosquitoes.It's normal. 6. Please allow 0.5-1 inch difference due to manual measurement. (1inch=2.54cm) 7. The color of the actual items may slightly different from the listing image HK$ 101.91

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