Add a spring to your step and care for the environment with a pair of Melissa HK shoes. This green brand from Brazil produces fun footwear options to take you from the workplace to a dinner party or the beach with ease. Still need convincing? Just check out some of the big names who are collaborating with Melissa - Jason Wu, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld and J. Maskrey. Indulge in their opulent-looking designs and learn more about Melissa shoes HK below.

Where are Melissa shoes made? | What are Melissa shoes made from? | Why do Melissa shoes smell like bubblegum? | Are Melissa shoes waterproof?


Express Your Individuality With Melissa Shoes Hong Kong

Inspired by dynamic works of art and everyday objects, Melissa is known in all corners of the world for making comfortable footwear that’s easy on the eyes and the nose. Sophisticated, stylish and eco-friendly, Melissa shoes have been walking all around the globe for more than 30 years. With over 50 million pairs of plastic shoes now created and made their way to 80 different countries, Melissa has always earned their name as one of the top shoe companies in the world to produce stylish yet practical and comfortable plastic shoes.

The original ‘jelly’ shoe brand from Brazil has changed the footwear industry with its avant-garde designs since its introduction back in 1979. Everyone wants to take home this covetable art as they are easily recognized from their modern styles and vibrant colours. They are also known for their innovative use of injection-moulded plastic to create playful, adventurous shoes and accessories designs. And to top all this off, Melissa shoes are infused with a sweet bubblegum scent that enhances the Melissa experience.

We would always associate plastic shoes with blister-generating sandals but trust us when we say that these fashionable shoes from Melissa are truly comfortable and will take you from your 9-5 work hours to dinner dates, all-night parties to the most outstanding red carpet events. Some of their famous fans also include Hollywood stars like Katie Holmes, Vanessa Hudgens and Anne Hathaway to Victoria Secret supermodel, Alessandra Ambrosio who Melissa chose to be the face of the capsule collection. When it comes to Melissa, the only words that exist in their dictionary are amazement, innovation and gorgeous style.

Collaborations to Make Your Footwear As Stylish As Ever

To keep up with the ever-growing needs of their fan base, Melissa constantly seeks new ways of expressing their ideas which is why Melissa has collaborated with celebrities and famous designers, architects, stylists and artists.

Vivienne Westwood

Whether you like it or not, Vivienne has forged her way into your heart, mind and purse for the past three decades. She has joined the Melissa family in 2008 and has been steadily churning out collaborations with them ever since. She has created more than 30 different designs through her Anglomania brand exclusively for Melissa. Vivienne’s trademark style goes hand in hand with Melissa’s injected thermoplastic that guarantees the perfect shape without deformity that we usually see in fabrics. Vivienne’s quintessential Englishness and her bold historicism fit perfectly with her designs. The shoes from her collection are unquestionably British infused with a touch of femininity and fearless non-conformity.

Jason Wu

As a part of his collaboration with Melissa, Jason uses a variety of exquisite patterned lace and fashionable motifs that transform classic styles from Melissa into a collection of brand new designs that are inspired by the latest trends. As a celebrated fashion designer, Jason’s designs are always seen on the red carpets and desired by some of the world’s best-dressed celebrities like Jessica Alba, Emma Stone and Michelle Williams.

J Maskrey

J Maskrey started her walk into stardom when she followed her creative dream and started to design jewellery that can be worn directly on the skin, thus the beginning of ‘skin jewellery’, she registered trademark. Fans of this special and shiny form of body art include Kate Moss, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet, Janet Jackson, Courtney Love, Yoko Ono, Cate Blanchett and Gwen Steffani. Maskrey has also collaborated with fashion houses like Givenchy, Kenzo, Hugo Boss and Alexander McQueen to name a few.

Her move to Paris was her inspiration to create a collection for Melissa that is both feminine and modern. The collection comprises beautiful shoes that are covered with crystals and will brighten up the steps of Melissa’s customers. After her amazing success with the Melissa Bejewelled collection, she graced the brand with a follow-up collection called the Night Sky. The name was inspired by observing the beauty and lights of the sky from her aeroplane windows.

Karl Lagerfeld

A man that is known as the Godfather of Fashion, Karl Lagerfeld has a legendary reputation for his work. His fashion career can be linked to an extraordinary list of fashion names like Chloe, Valentino, Fendi, and the most celebrated role of his career, as the Creative Director of Chanel. Karl embodies all the characteristics that are required to make the perfect Melissa collection as he is visionary, iconic and eclectic. He has the innate ability to capture, interpret and anticipate tomorrow’s trends, and has done so with his collection for Melissa that’s inspired by the brand’s native country of Brazil.

Jeremy Scott

The people’s designer. Loved by the public that dreams of his colourful, pop pieces. Jeremy is one of the most talked-about fashion designers in recent years. His independent spirit, capable of transforming the industry, makes him a mind ahead of his own time. A designer that sees fashion far beyond what eyes alone can see. With bold, show-stopping colours and a distinctive design feature—every shoe from the collection has a rubber mouthpiece like that of an inflatable float—the Melissa + Jeremy Scott collection easily adds a punch of eccentric fun into your shoe wardrobe.

Save Mother Nature with Melissa Hong Kong

Melissa, as a pioneer in the jelly shoe industry, has revolutionized plastic footwear in terms of style and innovation. Each of their shoes is made from a unique, patented plastic material, MELFLEX, which can improve the flexibility and quality of PVC. It is hypoallergenic, odourless and also 100% recyclable.

The great thing about the MELFLEX is that it is able to maintain its properties even after being recycled. No matter rain or shine, it will not degrade. Being 100% recyclable, shoes made from MELFLEX are perfect for even the most environmentally conscious customer.

Where are Melissa shoes made?

Melissa shoes are 100% made in Brazil by Grendene that is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of synthetic footwear that has over 40 years of experience.

What are Melissa shoes made from?

Melissa shoes are made from a unique patented plastic material called Melflex that is highly flexible and comfortable, it can also be moulded into various designs.

Why do Melissa shoes smell like bubblegum?

To add to the Melissa experience, the decision was made to infuse all shoes with a sweet, distinct bubblegum scent and it is one of their most talked-about features. The smell will last for a few months, but depending on how well you take care of the shoes, it can last longer than that.

Are Melissa shoes waterproof?

Melissa shoes are 100% waterproof because of the material. Their shoes are lightweight and easy to walk in, and because they’re made of plastic instead of rubber, they don’t get overly hot.