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A Taste of Luxury with Michael Kors Wallets

First established in 1981, Michael Kors is perhaps one of the biggest names in fashion. He has always been associated with the elite, creating only the best brands for names such as Paris aHilton, Michelle Obama, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston and many more. His creations had always been sought after, and at some point, it had become a status symbol. As an award-winning fashion designer, Michael Kors has an eye for style and design with a flair of elegance and luxury.

Why choose a Michael Kors Wallet?

Aside from the fact that Michael Kors is a well-respected, award-winning fashion designer, Michael Kors is also a brand aimed to provide quality and durability. From clothing, bags, shoes, accessories and wallets, you can clearly see the fine craftsmanship of each piece, down to the last stitch. Made from the most luxurious materials and the finest leather, a Michael Kors wallet would definitely last a lifetime. On top of that, its timeless design makes it the perfect wallet for all occasions, whether you are out shopping or attending an exclusive party, your Michael Kors wallet would definitely steal the show.

Michael Kors Wallet Designs and Collections

Like all his collections, Michael Kors also has several lines dedicated to wallets, each has their own size, design, and storage capacity. These wallets also have different colors depending on your taste, so choose one from these fabulous wallet collections from Michael Kors Hong Kong.

  • Adele
  • Bedford
  • Celeste
  • Fulton
  • Greenwich
  • Jet set
  • Juliana
  • Miranda
  • Rogers
  • Signature Collection
  • Susannah

How to spot an original MK wallet

Imitation is the best form of flattery; but not for Michael Kors. Because of its status in today’s fashion and the brand’s high demand, there are a lot of fakes circulating the market. So if you are planning to buy an MK wallet or any Michael Kors bags such as Michael Kors backpacks, Michael Kors briefcases, etc, here are some key points on how to differentiate fakes from originals:

  1. Fakes often have displaced logos in and out of the wallet; authentic ones have a neat and even print on them.
  2. While leather is difficult to authenticate, one thing you should look into is how it smells or feels. If it smells funny or synthetic, then it’s fake. MK wallets are made of authentic, natural leather which feels smooth, delicate and silky.
  3. Michael Kors wallets also have metal elements to the design. MK hardware is often in silver or in gold and always contains “MICHAEL KORS EST. 1981”, engraved. All metal hardware must be secure and tightly fastened with no loose bolts. If the zip fasteners do not match other hardwares’ color, then it’s fake.
  4. Stitches are also important when looking for original MK wallets. Each stitch must be even, with no irregular stitches or loose ends. Another detail that would tell an original from fakes is the thread. Thread color should always match the wallet everytime with unsinged thread endings.
  5. Another telltale sign of an authentic MK wallet is its interior. Original wallets have either beige or black lining with even logos. When you open the wallet, there should also be a “MICHAEL KORS” stamped inside.
  6. Like most of their products, Michael Kors wallets also have authenticity serial numbers which consists of one or two letters and four sets of numbers. You can find all this in silicone tags along with the country where it was produced (Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Korea, USA, and Italy).

Michael Kors is one of the best luxury brands in the market. Their wallets are made with good quality leather, designed to last a lifetime. When purchasing an MK wallet, always take note that there are fakes out there, so always look for signs of its authenticity such as the quality of the material and the serial number mentioned above. Even with a little piece such as a wallet, you will never regret buying an authentic Michael Kors item.