Your home is never complete without the compulsory home appliances needed for your everyday routines. If you are looking for reliable and cost-effective home essentials for your household, then look no further than Midea Hong Kong. Find out more about the products offered by Midea Hong Kong below.


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Products by Midea Hong Kong to Complete Your Home

Thanks to the advancement of technology, our lives have become easier thanks to the innovative appliances available today. Midea is one of the companies that has benefited from the development of technology, making it accessible to its global consumers. From its humble beginnings in China, Midea has grown to become a global brand in the home appliances industry. This is a commendable achievement for this Chinese company, especially in a competitive industry with veterans such as Samsung, Panasonic, and Toshiba. The company is known for its innovation and equipping its products with the latest technologies, increasing its functionality and convenience.

As the company grows by leaps and bounds, it has gradually added more products into its extensive inventory. Today, Midea products can be seen in many Malaysian households. The brand specializes in producing electronics to enhance your home with. Amongst its notable products include:

Air Conditioners

The perfect counter to Malaysia’s hot weather, Midea air conditioners are must-haves in every household. Not only are they able to cool down the environment effectively, but they are also equipped with cutting-edge technologies to ensure that they are energy-efficient and providing clean and refreshing air by removing pollutants any in the air. Apart from wall-mounted units, Midea also provides portable models as well.


Another product that Midea has made a name for itself for is Midea refrigerators. Whether you are looking for a mini-bar, a single-door or a double door unit, Midea has one that suits your needs. These refrigerators have higher humidity levels which enable stored items such as fruits and vegetables to maintain their freshness.

Moreover, these refrigerators have an optimised system design to offer low-noise operation. These refrigerators also have a multi-directional airflow system which ensures even circulation of cold air throughout the entire compartment, guaranteeing the freshness and natural quality of the food items stored in them.

Washing Machines

Midea also provides a wide selection of Midea washing machines for you to choose from – be it top-loading, front-loading or semi-auto units. The inner drums of the washing machines sport a unique drip shape which offers a higher wash ratio compared to other conventional washing machines offered by other brands. They also have smaller dehydration holes, hence preventing clothes from being sucked in and reducing abrasion.

Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. The Midea kitchen appliances provided by Midea enables you to cook meals effortlessly. Midea enables you to equip your entire kitchen with its vast array of kitchen electronics. Whether you are looking for a rice cooker or an electric oven, you can find them all at Midea. These products are equipped with advanced safety measures to prevent any potential accidents in the kitchens.

Dedication to Sustainability

Midea is one of the many China-based companies that took part in China’s energy-saving appliances subsidy policy, dedicating itself to providing and promoting energy-saving products for its consumers around the globe. The brand has been featured in China’s Energy-Efficiency Star Approval Catalogue for its efforts in 2013. The catalogue, along with the Energy-Efficiency Star logo, allows consumers to easily and quickly recognize products that are economical as well as environmentally friendly. Among the products that have been featured in the catalogue are 3 of Midea’s air conditioners.

In addition to making its products more environmentally friendly, Midea also pledged to work with several non-profit organizations every year. The company strives to provide help for both individuals and entire communities to build a better world for today and the future. It was noted that by the end of 2011, Midea had donated more than 500 Million RMB to these causes.