With unique designs inspired by the aesthetic of architecture, Mido offers you well-priced timepieces with excellent quality. Read more about the Mido HK watch and its price in Hong Kong!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mido Hong Kong

Where are Mido watches made?

Mido watches are made in its headquartered, Le Locle, in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains, Switzerland. For a century, the brand has been the global benchmark in Swiss-made mechanical watches. Mido is a part of the world-leading watchmaking company, the Swatch group. Over the years, Mido watches continue to offer high-quality timepieces with more than 2,700 official stores in 70 countries around the world.

Who makes Mido?

Mido was initially founded by an experienced and ingenious Swiss watchmaker, Mr. Georges Schaeren. On the 11th of November 1918. Georges created Mido G. Schaeren & Co. The brand name, Mido was created from the Spanish word, Yo Mido, and the brand name became synonymous with technical innovation and timeless designs. In 1934 the brand launched its Multifort line, marking another milestone in Mido’s history. The watch was one of the first antimagnetic watches with a self-winding movement, built-in water resistance, and shock resistance. The Multifort chronograph watch was the brand’s best selling piece back in the 1930s up to the 1950s.

In 1959, Mido marked the brand’s introduction to its first revolutionary single-shell case, the Mido Ocean Star. The timepiece combines the Aquadora crown sealing system which enables the watch to withstand even the most extreme conditions. The tradition of Ocean Star continues to live on in the famous commander watch collection up until today.

Are Mido watches good quality?

Yes, Mido is well-known globally for its durability of timepieces. The brand shares fundamental values with iconic and historical architectural design. The brand has three pillars of expertise, which are cutting-edge technical innovations, excellent mechanical movements, and high-quality materials used. The Swiss brand holds the belief of combining aesthetics, authenticity, and functionality altogether.

Is Mido a luxury watch?

On Mido’s 40th anniversary back in 2016, the company launched its first chronometer-certified movement that comes with a silicon balance spring. This component had only been used in luxury watchmaking until then. With this, the brand established its ambition to be at the cutting-edge of technological innovation in its price segment. The innovation made in celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary was incorporated into the Baroncelli watch collection.

How much are Mido watches in Hong Kong?

Mido offers you great timepieces at a good price point. The price of Mido watches in Hongkong might vary depending on which type of timepiece you’re planning to get. If you are interested in buying timeless pieces of Mido, below is a table comprising Mido watch price in Hong Kong:




Mido Baroncelli III Automatic Men’s Watch

HK$ 5,232.84


Mido Commander II Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Watch

HK$ 6,006.90


Mido Commander II Grey Dial Maroon Leather Men’s Watch

HK$ 6,086.02


Mido GMT Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch

HK$ 6,194.56


Mido Multifort Automatic Chronograph Men’s Watch

HK$ 10.075.22


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