Why shop for expensive imported clothes when you can buy from a local brand with affordable clothes without compromising the quality? Milktee Malaysia is the perfect online shops for you to get all your classic clothes from. Read all about Milktee Hong Kong here.

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Milktee Stories and Collections for your #OOTDs!

Milktee Hong Kong is one of the best contemporary online shops in Hong Kong. Their clothing items follow today’s trends and it suits how the younger generations love to dress. Many would say the teenage and young adult years are the best time to explore the self and figuring out the most optimal way to express oneself. Milktee provides young customers the opportunity to express themselves with their classic clothing pieces. All the products they carry are breathable, stretchable, lightweight, and super soft.

Milktee Hong Kong’s Stories

Milktee clothing is divided into “stories”. Each story focuses on a specific type of clothing from shirts to shoes. All their stories include novelty, yet classic clothing pieces, perfect to wear anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. Perhaps, this is what makes Milktee special and unique. They categorize different types of clothes into series to help the customers wear their clothing in the best way and ease online shopping in Hong Kong. Read more about the stories below.

Eclectic Milktee Hong Kong stories for everyone’s needs

  • Vanilla Edit – The Vanilla Edit consists of Vanilla tops, which are oversized long-sleeve shirts with a relaxed split hem. The knit fabric is breathable and extremely soft, and it has enough stretch to allow movements. The Vanilla tops come in the colors of deep blue, sensual maroon, and black on black.
  • Ripped Jeans – Milktee’s jeans are stretchable, straight-cut, breathable, and lightweight. The hem is purposely cut shorter, well above the ankles to give the appearance of longer legs. And say no more to tiny pockets. Milktee’s jeans have deep, medium sized pockets, so you can safely tuck in all your belongings. The jeans come in two different materials, and they are the denim on denim or denim on knit.
  • Neutral Edit – These knit tops are perfect to wear for any weathers. The relaxed-fitted tops are light and breathable. It’s cool to wear during the hot, Hong Kongn day and will keep you warm at night. Neutral tops are available in these colors and variants: blue striped, beige striped, plain dark blue, plain white, plain black, flared-sleeve dark blue with white hem stripe, and flared-sleeve white with dark blue hem stripe.
  • Suede Oxford Shoes – Oxford shoes are versatile. Typically made from leather, they can be worn to formal events or casually. Replacing the leather with suede makes the Oxford shoes even more versatile. The suede makes the shoes lighter and can fit any feet comfortably. The shoes can be bought in light brown, dark brown, red suede, maroon suede, and brown suede.
  • Life Collection – This collection comprises of several tops and straight cut pants. The Life Collection is meant to promote versatility and be worn from casual to formal. The tops are breathable and lightweight, perfect to be dressed down or dressed up. This collection consists of the flare sleeves stripe top, turtleneck stripe top, floral flare sleeve top, and straight cut wide leg pants in a variety of colors.
  • Superior Soft Cotton – They’re more than just your basic tees. The Superior Soft Cotton shirts combine attention and selectivity. Milktee uses the highest quality cotton worth paying for. The Superior Soft Cotton comes in three designs: The Basic, The Long, and The Hanna Raglan. The Raglans are plain white tees with colored sleeves.
  • The plain Basic and Long shirts are available in the colors of white, army green, grey, pucker olive, maroon, black, pink, abyss blue, sensual maroon, dark blue, black, and amaranth pink. The Hanna Raglan sleeve colors are pink, black, maroon, and green and grey.
  • Vacation Editorial Holidays aren’t perfect, until you wear print. This is the tagline of the Vacation Editorial. This line is perfect for you to wear on a tropical holiday and even during the harsh, snowy winters. Nevertheless, you don’t have to limit to wearing these clothes on vacation. Add these pieces to your daily outfits to elevate your state of mind and stay in the holiday mood. The Vacation series comprise of seam details cotton tee, leaf watercolor printed blouse, premium denim jacket, and front pocket basic overalls.
  • Jojo – It is often believed that certain colors have the power to change your state of mind. The jojos are marketed as shirts that could boost your moods. You can choose your Jojo Tee between the colors of white, amaranth pink, granite grey, abyss blue, black, pucker olive, or sensual maroon. As an example, the sensual maroon Jojo will highlight one’s intimate passion, while the amaranth pink calms you down and reassures your emotional energy.

Other Milktee stories you can check out from the brand are the Oversized Shirt Edit and the pleated Palazzo Pants. Besides clothing, Milktee Hong Kong has additional accessories flat shoes, bags, socks, and headscarves for Muslim ladies. Milktee Hong Kong clothing will surely be a great addition to your wardrobe. Begin your Milktee journey and avoid burning a hole in your wallet with great deals right here on iPrice.