Missha香港 believes that both skincare and makeup should be of the highest quality while maintaining value and affordability. Missha offers a wide range of affordable, quality products for your skin’s needs and beauty solutions. Learn more about Missha HK below.

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Missha Hong Kong - Korean Brand That Produces Positive Results

While most cosmetic companies all over the world are known for their bold claims but only deliver poor to no results, Missha’s skincare and cosmetic products are based on a solid and comprehensive understanding of an individual’s skin’s complex structure and its many special conditions. Missha products have been tested and extensively researched so that you, their precious customers can be sure that each of their products is not only safe but also extremely effective.

This internationally renowned skincare and cosmetic company, Missha is founded on the philosophy that every makeup out there should not just be an indulgence but rather an affordable, everyday item for all women everywhere wanting quality cosmetic products.

Missha Hong Kong BB Creams - The Ultimate Best

One thing that most Asians can’t live without in their skincare regimen is their BB cream. Short for ‘blemish balm’ or ‘beauty balm’, a BB cream, if you don’t know, is a cream that kind of does everything – or at least attempts to. It provides the best coverage for your face (based on the SPF quantity), hydrates your skin, protects against UV rays and is jam-packed with anti-agers like peptides and antioxidants.

At Missha, their BB cream is everything! It is their bestseller and all for good reasons. Many individuals are great believers of these BB creams from Missha because of its great benefits that are clearly seen immediately. If you are new to the BB cream family, here is a guide on how you can pick the one that would suit you the best.

Missha M Perfect Cover

  • Best all around
  • 5 different shades – 13 Milky, 21 Light, 23 Natural, 27 Honey, 31 Golden
  • UV protection – SPF42 PA+++
  • Full Coverage
  • Suitable for all skin type

Missha Signature Real Complete

  • Hypoallergenic & Paraben-free
  • 4 shades – 13 Light Milk, 21 Light Pink, 23 Natural Yellow, 27 Honey
  • UV protection – SPF25 PA+++
  • Medium to Full Coverage
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Missha Complexion Coordinating No.1

  • Blends to match skin tone
  • 1 shade – 13 Milky
  • UV Protection – SPF43 PA+++
  • Medium to Light Coverage
  • Suitable for all skin type

Missha Complexion Coordinating No.2

  • 1 shade – 21 Light
  • UV Protection – SPF43 PA+++
  • Medium Coverage
  • Suitable for all skin type

Missha Hong Kong’s Must-Have Cosmetics

Here are the top 10 products that would surely change the way you take care of your facial needs.

M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

This amazing cream was originally designed for patients who just underwent laser treatment as a salve. The soothing and regenerative properties were then adapted into the cosmetic world to improve your skin while providing maximum coverage. The M Perfect Cover BB Cream is Missha’s most notable product, having sold more than 30 million tubes all over the world. Combining cosmetics with skincare, this BB cream gives you a natural-looking coverage with added sun protection, dark spot treatment and wrinkles prevention. It is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a makeup base or foundation.

Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

GO back to basic with this essence, your stepping stone to healthier and newer skin. With 80% Fermented Yeast Concentrate, the Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence absorbs into your skin and instantly energizes it. It also contains Niacinamide, a component from Vitamin B3 that improves skin’s elasticity, enhances the skin’s barrier function and revives your skin tone and texture. DN-Aid, made from Cassia-Alata Extract, offers vitality to ageing skin, protects DNA from ageing which is caused by UV rays and promotes restoration of damaged DNA.

Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule

In this bottle lies the complete science behind beautiful skin. You just need to use the essential Activator Ampoule daily during your nighttime routine to get smooth, firm beautiful skin. It provides your skin with an extra layer of nutrients and moisture, those that are lacking from your basic skincare. The Ampoule energizes, repairs and restores elasticity and also provides wrinkle repairing and whitening benefits. This ampoule contains Fermented Bifida, Lactobacillus and Lactococcus for a more improved, healthier skin.

M Magic Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

A magic cushion with perfect coverage to help achieve flawless skin and long-lasting makeup without darkening your skin. The micro cover pigment in this magic cushion delivers flawless coverage for your skin with silica-bead powder which effectively absorbs sweat and sebum, allowing your makeup to stay on your face longer. In this cushion, there are bamboo water and baobab fruit extract, providing moisture for your skin. It also contains witch hazel extract which soothes and calms the skin.

Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream

This intensive cream treats and prevents skin damages by strengthening the skin barrier for firmer and healthier skin. The snail slime extract is best in treating troubled skin, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. It also contains Concentrated Baobab Tree Extract and Deep Sea Water which activates the moisture storage capabilities of your skin to eliminate dryness. With wrinkle repairing and brightening benefits, this cream moisturizes, nourishes and protects your skin from harmful elements and does not contain parabens, dyes and mineral oils.

M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++

This Complete BB Cream softens the appearance of imperfections for an even complexion that looks extremely natural. While providing medium coverage, this BB cream treats blemishes and contains wrinkle-preventing antioxidants that improve your skin over time. Not only is it hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, it is also free of parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, GMOs, Triclosan and Benzophenone, making it the perfect cream for sensitive or troubled skin. Formulated with gingko water, a botanical complex of 50 natural extracts and a specialized peptide complex, this BB cream is the best as it provides lots of moisture to keep your skin nourished.

M BB Boomer

This M BB Boomer is a primer that is specifically designed to work with your BB Cream, enhancing its effectiveness for better adherence and long-lasting wear. The pink pearl powder in this cream helps in brightening your complexion while Moringa, Mannan and Olive ingredients help to soften your skin while keeping it moisturized even under makeup. This BB Boomer also features wrinkle-repairing and dark-spot correcting functions that treat your skin while under coverage.

Time Revolution Immortal Youth Cream

This is the ultimate fountain of youth that maintains your youthful, fresh appearance forever. It’s a prestigious anti-ageing cream with highly functional particles that rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin. It eliminates the signs of ageing such as dryness, loss of firmness and elasticity, wrinkles, dull complexion and visible skin damages. This floral-scented cream has a rich silky texture that strengthens and soothes your skin.

Misa Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream

This anti-ageing eye cream helps treat signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles and shadows around the eyes. With Ginseng Water, Wild Ginseng Extract, Deer Antler Extract and Reishi Mushroom Extract for a more youthful and brighter appearance. The mild formula is free of parabens, colourants, triclosan, Benzophenone, Talc and Mineral Oil.

Time Revolution Clear Toner

This toner that is used after your cleansing, a wipe-off type that is gentle and refreshing. It hydrates, soothes, and helps eliminate pores, impurities and dead skin cells. It also prepares the skin and enhances the skin’s absorption of effective ingredients to prepare for the next step in your skincare regimen. It contains yeast extracts that nourish for clearer, healthier skin. Suitable for all skin types.

How much is Missha BB Cream in Korea?

Missha BB Cream in Korea costs around KRW7,800.

Is Missha a Korean brand?

Yes, Missha is a South Korea-based skincare and cosmetics manufacturer and retailer. Missha was established in 2000, although it didn’t attain global cult status until the launch of its Time Revolution First Treatment Essence (FTW for short). The product was said to be a dupe of the famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence at a fraction of the price. Since then, Missha has continued to build its brand as an ideal option for women in all walks of life. Missha’s popular products are skin care products and base make-up which uses natural ingredients to make. Their BB cream, which functions as primer, foundation, sunscreen and serum, is used and loved by many people.