Natural skin care products provide moisture to the skin minus the harmful ingredients. Science has proved the products that are organic or made from natural resources provides a more effective and safer

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MooGoo Hong Kong: Natural Skin Care That Your Skin Deserves

Moogoo Hong Kong is a company that produces a wide array of natural and gentle skincare products. The idea behind of their products originally came from skin care cream for cows. The founder of Moogoo came up with the brand's base product when his mother nursed their cows' poor skin condition with an udder cream made for cows. The cream is very common in dairy farms as it was one of the maintenance when taking care of herds of cows.

The cream that was used in cows was the base ingredient for Moogoo Skincare products. The only difference is, it's consistency has been rectified, enough to make it non greasy and a lot lighter, suitable for human use.

MooGoo Hong Kong's products are among the most environmentally friendly products in the world. The compounds and ingredients used in their skin care products are nothing but natural and organic, those that came from sustainable farms.