Moonriver Fashion line was inspired by the classical and most admired style icon of the 20th century, Audrey Hepburn. The clothing label was established to impose the actress’ essence on today’s women style. If you are a follower of classic-chic or modern-elegant fashion trends, search no more because Moonriver has it all! Scroll down to explore the world of everything Audrey-inspired.

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Acquire the sophisticating fashion sense of Audrey with Moonriver

Back in the “Golden Age” of Hollywood when beauty was defined through the women body exposure, Audrey Hepburn, however, moulded her very own style and became one of the most beautiful women of all time. Audrey doesn’t possess a seductive look like Marilyn Monroe yet the crown of style icon doesn’t seem to do her justice. Her quintessential sense of fashion is just so impeccable.

Audrey Hepburn’s breakout roles on screen cemented her celebrity status and led to her partnership with the Givenchy fashion house. Hubert de Givenchy made Audrey his muse creating her personal clothing ensembles as well as the original Little Black (Givenchy) Dress she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’. The portrait of an elegant lady with a pixie haircut that spells radiant grace has always been the inspiration of many women until now.

Understanding the influence of Audrey Hepburn in the fashion industry, the creative designer team behind Moonriver always try their best to capture the essence of her glamour. It is the name that should top your favourite list of fashion labels. They proudly present to their customers the most trending styles and at the same time, ensure a timeless beauty in every design, Moonriver will surely make all your fashion dreams come true.

The fashion label that you wouldn’t want to miss

Moonriver is a Singapore clothing brand founded in 2007, aims to emulate the simplicity and feminine of the fashion muse Audrey Hepburn. The name Moon River is also the opening song of Breakfast at Tiffany's where she portrayed the character of Holly Golightly.

They take pride in helping you to take a step closer to achieve Audrey’s effortless style with a classic-chic touch on their custom made apparel. Moonriver specializes in elegant and functional ladies clothing, especially in designing dresses that are Audrey’s ensembles. They are like the magnifier zooming into Audrey’s fashion sense and pick up every little detail of her perfection to imply on their designs.

Apart from that, Moonriver also creates their unique style with 40 new designs introduced on their website weekly. You will be able to find the iconic silhouette of the most adored outfit, The Little Black Dress with a modern cut and more delightful colours, a broad collection of simple and easy-to-pair tops and skirts for casual and formal occasions.

What makes you jump for joy is their ridiculously affordable prices for such an elegant and glamorous look. You wouldn’t want to miss this fabulous fashion brand while looking for new inspirations for your wardrobe.

Must-have timeless styles for every woman

It doesn’t matter what fashion sense you possess, these following garments are essential to your wardrobe and definitely the must-haves for all year round. Let’s find out!

A summer dress: a bit of flirty and a bit of mischievous will cool down those hot summer days. Pair with a pair of flats or sandals to complete the look. Not just versatile but a summer dress can be your party wear as well with just a touch of sparkling jewellery, high heels or a simple clutch.

Floral dress (midi): this is the best choice for those who prefer a graceful look. A knee-length floral dress is the perfect complement to your silhouette. Wear it to a casual party in the backyard or a day at the beach, you will surely look like a princess who strolls her way to the fairy land.

Straight dress: for both casual and formal occasions. A simple straight cut dress is this year’s hottest trend for its modern chic look and functionality. Just simply style it with a belt for a meeting or add on a kimono cardigan over a sleeveless monochrome dress for a date night.

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