Bring your motorcycle out in style and comfort by getting the best motorcycle accessories in Hong Kong. Gear up and stay safe on the road with these exciting motorcycle accessories or check out our list of must-have motorcycle accessories below.


Motorcycle Accessories Every Rider Must Have

Bikers are awesome. We have the style and go-getter attitude that sets us apart from other motorists. We grab life by the balls and constantly live life on the edge. Riding can be immensely fun but at the same time uncomfortable if we’re talking about long distances. Thankfully, we have the options of equipping our bikes with the best motorcycle accessories in Hong Kong. Here are some accessories that could make your bike ride more exciting and safer at the same time.

Bluetooth device

One disadvantage motorcyclists have over car drivers is the lack of range of hand motion. As our hands are bound to steer the bike and keeping it balance, answering our mobile phones while riding is a big ‘No no’. This is where a Bluetooth device comes in handy.

Bluetooth devices pair your earphones or earpieces with your smartphone, making it safe and easy to answer calls when on the road. With a simple touch of a button, you are able to answer the call and talk comfortably with the person on the other line.

Phone mount

So how do you attach your smartphone to the bike? To do this, you have a choice of phone mounts to choose from. The easiest options are those that attach to your handlebar. Most of these options come with adjustable levers to fit a variety of phones sizes. Phone mounts are easy to use. So easy, even children can use it. Screw in the mounting for the phone mount, and it is ready to hit the road.

Phone mounts can double as mounts for other gadgets such as a tablet or sunglass cases. Use it creatively on your bike to hold any other object that will fit while riding.


One thing many bikes lack is a tachometer. There are many types of tachometers available in the aftermarket scene. Some tachometers come with speedometers and a variety of gauges to go along with the bike’s specs. Tachometers can be chosen also based on size, colour of gauge, and compatibility with your bike’s system.


Grips are something that could save you. Bike grips that lose tactile feedback eventually make it hard to feel your bike’s throttle. Nowadays there are Kevlar-infused grips that match your grip strength. Thanks to the Kevlar’s tough nature, the grip lasts longer and is more durable to scratches and abrasions. As Kevlar is commonly used in motorcycle gear, it is no surprise that these grips also make good choices.

Another key to choosing the right set of grips is to choose high-visibility grips. This will ensure that you are seen when riding at night or during cloudy days. High-visibility grips make your presence known to other motorist thanks to the brightly-coloured patterns.

Now that you know more about motorcycle accessories, you can also look out for other motorcycle gear in Hong Kong.