One of the most prominent names when it comes to gaming laptops, MSI elevates your gaming experience to the next level with these high-performance devices. Find out more about the gaming laptops manufactured by MSI HK below.


Computing Gets Better with MSI Laptops

A familiar name in the world of gaming, Taiwanese multinational electronics company, MSI specializes in manufacturing high-performance computer hardware including peripherals, desktop computers, laptops, and many more. MSI has grown to become a trusted brand amongst professional players in the e-sports scene. In fact, many eSports teams are being sponsored by MSI and they are being equipped with the finest MSI gaming gear such as laptops and desktops that boast incredible performance optimised for gaming needs.

However, being the top performers that they are, MSI laptops are not limited to solely gaming as their specifications enable them to excel in all aspects of computing – from everyday computing to graphic-designing to video-rendering. Whether you are an aspiring gamer who wants to be a professional in the future or just someone looking for a laptop that ticks all the right boxes, MSI laptops are well-equipped to fulfil your needs.

Noteworthy Laptop Series from MSI HK

The laptops manufactured by MSI are divided into various series, each providing different features and specifications. The most sought-after laptop series in MSI’s inventory are as highlighted below:

MSI GT Series

Recommended for those that place importance on performance, MSI GT Series line of laptops are the literal workhorses. Boasting powerful performance that can rival a normal desktop computer, these laptops can be a mobile substitute for your desktop. Outfitted with only latest and best computer hardware specifications, the MSI GT Series line of laptops are prepared to dish out high-performance gaming and take on intensive computing tasks.

Notably, it is rather uncommon for a laptop to be using non-laptop parts because the GT series has its laptops which utilise desktop computer parts instead of the usual laptop parts. One of the top laptop models in the GT series is the GT80S laptop which took the gaming industry by storm with its uniqueness; the only laptop in the world (and the world's first) to feature a full mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches.

MSI GS Series

MSI GS series of laptops are for those who desire portability and multitasking on the go. MSI GS laptops are one of the slimmest gaming laptops in the world but they do not compromise quality and performance despite their compact form factor. As with all MSI gaming laptops, the MSI GS laptops pack a lot of firepower inside of them, featuring 4K displays, high-performance Wi-Fi modems, and innovative cooling technologies to ensure you stay productive.

MSI GE Series

MSI GE Series of laptops are for those who are going back to basics of simplicity. The MSI GE Series of laptops are for those who want a laptop that is portable enough to be brought around easily yet having enough firepower to handle multitasking without slowing down.

Besides MSI laptops, you can also add computer peripherals produced by the brand such as external keyboards, mice, and accessories to experience a more wholesome computing experience.