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Everything you need to know about My Little Pony

Everything you need to know about My Little Pony

Albeit being revamped several times, My Little Pony is perhaps one of the longest running cartoon series which debuted in 1984. The toy line which is manufactured by Hasbro is also very popular. Other lines were added to the collection such as Pegasus Ponies, Unicorn Ponies, Flutter Ponies, and Sea Ponies. Here are some interesting facts you need to know about My Little Pony.

A real-life pony was the inspiration

The founder and creator of My Little Pony, Bonnie Zacherle, lived in Japan during throughout her childhood. Her father was an Army Colonel and a veterinarian who cared for all the quarantined animals entering and leaving the country. Among all the animals, there was a Korean pack pony named Knicker which Zacharle particularly loved. Unfortunately, they had to leave Knicker behind when they left Japan.

Success was not instant

Initially, Zacherle pitched a horse toy instead of a pony to Hasbro. For three years, she pitched her idea and every time it would be turned down. A year after where Zacherle was close to giving up on her idea, a friend of hers mentioned that the boss of Hasbro had the idea of creating a pony. She was then asked to sketch a design for a pony and My Pretty Pony was introduced in 1981. It was made of hard plastic which had a lever under the chin which made the toy wiggle.

Introduction of My Little Pony

With My Pretty Pony being moderately successful there were certain tweaks that led to what we know today as My Little Pony. It was the wife of Hasbro’s Vice President of Marketing that suggested the tweaks. Instead of being made of hard plastic, she proposed the pony should be made to be small and soft as well as have hair that can be combed. My Little Pony was granted patent by Hasbro only after two years later.

Preschooler’s gender-neutral toy

The initial idea for My Little Pony was to be a gender-neutral toy for preschoolers. This is because; Zacharle imagined the toy to look like real ponies and not the bright ponies that we know and love today. There were only six ponies introduced in 1982 which were Snuzzle, Butterscotch, Blue Belle, Minty, Blossom, and Cotton Candy. They were known as the “Flatfoot Pose” as were made to have flat rather than concave feet. Another feature of the ponies was where they had their heads facing forward and down. This was only produced for the first year.

My Little Pony was also not an instant success

The toy made its debut at the Toy Fair but did not exactly appeal to the crowd. Nonetheless, they stuck through with the line and when it was introduced to the public, it became an instant success. Soon after, the toy manufacturer constantly expanded the characters as well as the type of ponies. There were unicorns, sea ponies, pegasus ponies, flutter ponies, sparkle ponies, and glow’n show ponies and much more. These were known as the Generation 1 ponies. After that, the Generation 2 ponies ran from 1997 to 2003 where they were made skinnier than their predecessors but however were not popular with the collectors. From 2003 to 2009, the Generation 3 ponies were released and were made to look similar to the Generation 1 ponies. The Generation 3.5 ponies were radically redesigned which only ran for a year or so. The My Little Pony as we know today which is the Generation 4 ponies were is released in 2010 which includes ponies from the animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Limited edition ponies can cost a lot

My Little Ponies were not only available in stores as they were also sent it out through mail-order. For example, a Rapunzel Pony was sold for USD 800. The molds for the ponies were also sold to companies everywhere in the world. There are a couple of rare ponies around the world but will only be found out every couple of years.

Marvel produced the first My Little Pony TV special

Based on the Hasbro toy lines they collaborated with Sunbow Productions which then worked with Marvel to create their first TV special titled My Little Pony which was released in April 1984. It was later rebranded as Rescue at Midnight Castle while the second special was titled Escape from Catrina. The success of the animated series led to the first My Little Pony movie.

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