Science and biotechnology advancement has revolutionised the skincare and cosmetic industry. Neogen from Korea is one of the most well-received company that offers products made of natural ingredients to help its customers care for their skin. Click here to learn more about the brand.

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Pamper your skin with advanced Neogen products available at iprice Hong Kong

South Korea has emerged to be one of the greatest makers of beauty products as the country’s people has a strong interest in beauty and skincare. Neogen launched its online store in 2009 with several technology patents and its first line of products that care for the skin. The brand strives to fully bring out the benefit of natural ingredients and develop the best product for its customers.

Neogen — the Best Skincare Brand

Is your skin healthy? Does your skin dry feel flakey after long periods being in an air conditioned environment? Is your face prone to inflammation and acne? It might be because of the unnatural irritants in the skincare products you are using. With Neogen products, you can now cease worrying about the products that you apply on the skin. Neogen utilises the advancement of science to bring out the best of nature in all its beauty products.

Awarded as one of the 2013 Best Skincare Brand as reported in Korea Daily Choson Ilbo, Neogen products can now be found in many parts of the world besides its own homeland, countries like Hong Kong with the brand’s partnership with Watsons, a retail pharmacy franchise; online stores in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand and Taiwan also stock up on Neogen because there is a growing base of Neogen customers.

Also featured in South Korea’s highly popular Get it Beauty TV show and endorsed by the show’s very own beauty host Honey Lee (former Miss Korea, the main host for the show, Neogen is one of the most discussed brand on the show at several occasions with guests also highly recommending the products.

Let your skin experience the beauty of science and nature with Neogen

No matter what kind of skin concerns you may have, you can find a suitable Neogen product to help improve your skin.

Pore Refining — if the pores of your face are enlarged and easily exposed to foreign particles in the air, you will have a higher chance of getting acne, blackheads and coarse skin; use the Glacial Magic Pore Gel and Glacial Magic Pore Mask that will magically shrink those pores and eliminate impurities, the Lemon Green Caviar Essence and Tox Tightening Pack is also another product that will help remove dead skin cells and delivers the active ingredients into the skin and ultimately create the perfect clean and elastic skin.
Hydration — does your skin feel less supple or not as elastic as it used to be? A good hydrating product will do wonders, try the Ocean Feeding Series that not only rehydrates but also lifts, sooths, smooths, moisturises, repairs and controls the skin temperature. Formulated with kelp and seaweed extracts as well as Bio Marine RX Complex, your skin will feel like the ocean water minerals have filled up all your pores.
Anti-aging — the Age Defiance Series uses the precious orchid as its main ingredient to prevent skin cells from aging. Combined with anti-wrinkle ingredients like snail secretion filtrate and anti-oxidant ingredient argan oil to strengthen the skin barrier and increase firmness of your skin, your skin is strengthened and you will have radiant looking skin in no time.
Whitening — rich in calcium, Vitamin C and antioxidants, camel milk has a very high nutrient content that will compensate the dryness of normal whitening product. The Camel Milk Series also has Brazil Perky fruit oil, jojoba oil and shea butter that will intensively repair the skin.

Top Neogen products that everybody loves

NEOGEN Code 9 series — formulated with a mix of 99 ingredients from nature using real fruits and real juice, Code 9 is a 100% Real Fresh Cleansing Foam. This foam cleanser series has four variants like Green Tea (for soothing), Blueberry (for hydrating), Cranberry (for brightening) and Cereal (for brightening). The self-foaming cleanser is really easy to use, just one or two pumps (luxury you can afford) for a whole full face coverage, very economical as one bottle of 160ml could last about 3-4 months. The foam is creamy on the skin but not drying as it leaves a thin, oily film that dissolves on the skin to cleanse dust, oil and dirt on the face as you pat the foam in circular motions. And wash off with lukewarm water. Neogen's promise of the product is that it is free of the following ingredients: sulphates, mineral oils, petroleum, dimethicone, artificial pigments, animal-derived ingredients.

Browse through Neogen products at iprice and look for products that are formulated specifically for your skin. You should also have a look at brands like Innisfree, Jurlique, Nature Republic and Origins that formulates its products based on nature. Caring for the skin is now an easier task with great brands like Neogen!