New Era is the number one headwear brand in the world that spans the worlds of sport, fashion, music and entertainment. In 2012, New Era became the official sideline cap of the NFL, and, in 2016, became the official court cap of the NBA; making New Era the only brand in sports history to have exclusive on-field, sideline and on-court headwear rights for all three major U.S. leagues at the same time. Learn more about New Era Hong Kong below.

What's the difference in New Era hats? | How much is a Yankees cap? | How can you tell is New Era caps are real?


A Guide to Find the Perfect New Era Hat to Fit You

Established in 1920, New Era first stepped onto the scene by becoming the official on-field headwear worn by all Major League Baseball players. Since then, they have become the official headwear for almost every major sports league including the National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association and many other professional sports leagues around the world.

While best known for their 59FIFTY fitted caps, New Era HK continues to be one of the best for almost all types of headwear by being an innovator in design and style. This guide will help you select the best hat for yourself.

59FIFTY Fitted Hat

New Era’s flagship style and an icon in sport and street culture. The 59FIFTY fitted is so well known that the gold sizing sticker itself has become iconic. The crown of the 59FIFTY fitted hat is a structured high crown and will fit best if you have a head shape that is more squared off, versus oval-shaped, or just like a high crown look. The visor of all New Era 59FIFTY fitted is flat. You will need to know your head size for a proper fit since fitted hats are like shoes. Even if you are one size off, the fit can be uncomfortable.

59FIFTY Low Profile Fitted Hat

Love the 59FIFTY fitted, except the high crown, doesn’t look or feel right for your head shape? Fortunately, New Era created the Low Profile fitted hat. This hat has all the same features as the original 59FIFTY, but with a low sloping crown and a slight curve in the visor. Do note that the sizing for the Low Profile hat fits a little bigger so you might want to go one size down if you’re used to wearing the original 59FIFTY fitted hat.

9FIFTY Snapback

The 9FIFTY has a squared-off visor and tapered back opening for a true retro snapback look. The 9FIFTY uses the same structured crown and flat brim as the 59FIFTY, but the 9FIFTY has an open adjustable back. Because this hat fits most head sizes, this style makes for a great present. It is also perfect for a growing child since you don’t have to replace the hat every year, just simply loosen the snap at the back of the hat to get the right fit.

39THIRTY Stretch-Fit Adjustable Hat

The shape and fabrics of the 39THIRTY are engineered specifically in order to provide the ultimate stretch fit cap. These caps are durable and retain their elasticity well, it feels snug but not overly tight. This is also a low profile, low crown hat. It comes in three sizes.

Knit Caps & Beanies

New Era Knits collection offers a wide variety of styles ranging from classic beanies to unique Peruvians all in Men’s, Women’s and Kids sizing. The yarns and fabrics are engineered specifically for each style with cuffs, poms, and other features varying in size based on design.

Other New Era Hat Styles

In addition to the core styles, New Era has designed, developed and perfected a wide variety of other styles including camper hats, runner hats, bucket hats, visors, pillbox hats, military hats, and fedoras. With these, the New Era continues to be the leading innovator and trendsetter in headwear by creating more patterns, designs and hat styles. As New Era would say, “Fly Your Own Flag” with one of their great styles.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Era香港

What’s the difference in New Era hats?

With the range of hat styles that New Era hats have, the main difference from each of their caps is their visor, whether it is curved or flat and the crown.

How much is a Yankees cap?

As of September 2020, a Yankees HK cap costs around HK$270 to HK$400. You can get the New Era Yankees cap at ITeSHOP Hong Kong.

How can you tell if New Era caps are real?

  • Check the New Era logo: The logo should be embroidered on the left side of all New Era hat.
  • League logo on the back of Teams hat: Almost all of the field caps will have the logo of the league embroidered on the back of the hat. But again, the key distinction here is whether your hat is an official on-field hat. So this is only a concern if your NFL or MLB on-field hat does not have the league logo embroidered on the back.
  • New Era Sizing Stickers: All New Era caps come with a sizing sticker. The sticker is usually on top of the visor, but sometimes they’re placed under the visor, especially if the visor is made with a special material that is sensitive to adhesives in the sticker. But every New Era cap will come with a sticker.