As the true specialist in the businessof lighting gear and electronic tools, Nitecore is highly popular as its products can be trusted in solving problems. Read more about Nitecore Hong Kong here.


Nitecore Hong Kong -Bringing Light Wherever You Go

Given its prominence in developing lighting gear, it is quite ironic that this particular brand called itself "Nitecore". Brushing irony aside, it seems that Nitecore has done more good in bringing light instead of dark night that is full of terrors. Well-known for its reliable lighting gear, Nitecore boasts high level of popularity among law enforcers, industrial workers, miners, adventurers, survival enthusiasts and others.

As one of the leading specialist manufacturers in the industry of illumination and electronic tools, Nitecore is proud to offer the finest LED flashlights and chargers for various fields such as outdoor sports, law enforcement, tactical operations, vape, emergency, industrial utilities and others. Hence, Nitecore brings the light to every field through its full range of exceptional products.

How Nitecore Came To Be

Established as early as 2004, Nitecore has been founded with a luminous purpose of designing and manufacturing the finest flashlight in terms of power, performance and precision. Owned by SYSMAX, Nitecore began its foray into the flashlight market with its DIY flashlight.Its first product was the amazingLR7, one of the first high-intensity LED flashlights that were made in China at that time.Despite being received with much enthusiasm, Nitecore believed it was still not enough in strengthening its hold in the flashlight market. Eventually, this led to Nitecore Luxeon and it was first branded Chinese 3W LED flashlight. Since then, it paved the way to tons of Nitecore products that brought fresh innovations and solutions to the market and consumers.

Thebeginning of 2007saw Nitecorecontinued to be recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the flashlight market as its iconic flashlights were widely used by civilians, professionals and even the military. Making its mark in more than 100 countries, Nitecore products prove to be extremely popular as all of them are extremely reliable. At the same of time, Nitecorehas the honor of participating as the member of PLATO(Portable American Lights Trade Organization). This allowed Nitecore to be enjoying its wide range of distribution network around the world. All in all, Nitecore just proves itself to be worthy of respect when it comes to designing robust lighting gear, chargers, batteries and others that make the life to be simpler and more convenient and to a certain extent, safer.

The True Illuminator In Bringing Brighter & Better Future

Making The Best For The Best

Whether it is about lighting or charging, Nitecore is all about making the best for the best. According to Nitecore, such statement is nothing if a brand designs and develops ordinary products only. As for Nitecore, it believes in pioneering groundbreaking products that simply excel in all aspects. In order to achieve such goal, Nitecore is dedicated in making products that are dependable in their performances while looking great at the same time. In short, those that desire high standard equipment in their work or hobby definitely appreciate Nitecore products.

Shining Brighter With Every Eureka Moment

Being recognized for coming out with the world's first flashlight that featured Smart Piston Drive System in its D10, Nitecore has shown itself to be bursting with innovations that can enhance your life. Not just that, Nitecore had one of its proudest moment as it won the top place in the 2013 China Outdoor Industry Award with its HC50. In addition, Nitecorewon its Gold Award atISPO Awards in 2014 with its CR6.Even now, Nitecorestill boasts the power of innovation as it relentlessly produced an amazing array of fantastic products that are favorable to their users.

Top Nitecore Hong Kong Products That You Must Have

Nitecore Flashlights
Highly innovative and robust at the same time, Nitecore flashlights do their jobs well enough that you can just trust them without any worries. Not only that, they continue to surprise you in terms of performance and power. Most importantly, they are extremely easy to use and maintain as they have been designed to be ergonomic.
Nitecore HC30 Headlamp
This high-performance lightweight dual form Nitecore headlamp is pretty solid when you are using it in a variety of situations such as mining, emergency rescue, caving and others. Built with ultra light aerospace grade aluminum alloy construction, this Nitecore headlamp is pretty light and just easy to be fitted on your head. Thanks to its CREE XM-L2 U2 LED, it provides 1000 lumens which offers better lighting coverage in terms of depth and range.
Housing the remarkable Precision Optics Technology or PDOT, Nitecore HC30 is empowered tooffer full-coverage and uniform lighting experience that proves to be useful at all times. Amazingly, it is actually able to provide 90 degree rotation in either upward or downward so that you will not be having illumination dead zones. Most importantly, you will be enjoying its optimal heat dissipation in all modes so that your head does not get "burn". Additionally, its ergonomic hand switch design enables you to full access to all operations with just one hand.
Nitecore LA10
Encased in thumb-sized body, Nitecore LA10 boasts silhouette of a lipstick. With its length of just 7.85cm, it is extremely easy to carry it around. If you insert an AA battery in it, Nitecore LA10 actually lasts for a maximum runtime of 23 hours. Such performance is surprising yet remarkable at the same time since AA batteries are readily obtainable while being affordable as well.
Amazingly, it possesses an extendable diffuser that allows for 360 degree of flood ilummination. Thanks to its high transmittable material, it offers strong yet smooth lighting performance. In order to switch it on or off or adjust its level of brightness, you can just rotate its tail cap. Despite its look, Nitecore LA10 is not that fragile as it uses light yet solid aluminium alloy in its construction.
Nitecore Chargers
Adaptive and automatic at the same time, Nitecore chargers are highly efficient tools that you can use with USB cable, solar panel, car or wall adapter. No matter what, these Nitecore chargers are going to get you out from sticky situations. As it turns out, you will be surprised at how intelligent these Nitecore chargers are when it can detect the battery type that you are going to charge and adjust accordingly so that you will enjoy the optimal performance that emphasizes speed and safety.
Nitecore i1 Intellicharger
More than just a charger, Nitecore i1 is actually an intellicharger or intelligent charger that boasts high technology solution that caters to your every need. Talking about intelligence, the Nitecore i1 houses intelligent charging circuit that automatically switches between constant current/constant voltage charging modes. While featuring the incredible reverse polarity protection, it is amazing that Nitecore i1 is able to detect battery types automatically and then selects the appropriate charging current accordingly. This enables the battery to be safer to use while having longer life as well.
Not just that, it is able to cease charging once the charging has been completed in order to provide safety as well as being energy efficient at the same time. Impressively, this Nitecore product also offers ultimate safety guarantee as it has been designed for optimal heat dissipation.

Experience The Best Lighting Gear Available

Thanks to Nitecore, you can now experience the best lighting gear. For more latest Nitecore products, you should take a look at Nitecore lighting as there are tons of amazing products that prove to be fantastic in providing strong lighting with wide coverage. At the same time, Nitecore products are known to be affordable so that you will not be having any hard time when deciding to get them for work, hobby and other purposes. Armed with best lighting gear available, you can now head off to any adventure without much problem at all!