There’s a lot of fun and entertaining apps you can install on your Nokia phone, which enriches your social media and gaming experience. However, spending a lot of time on these apps can take away your focus to pressing matters that need attention. Read more about Nokia HK and ways to stop your smartphone addiction below.


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Nokia X10

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Tips for Breaking Your Smartphone Addiction with Nokia

According to a study, people unlock their phones up to 150 times a day, which is quite a lot of checking. Although there’s nothing wrong with checking your apps, spending too much time on them could lose your attention to more important things. If you are willing to break free from your phone addiction, here’s a short list of tips to keep in mind.

Disable notifications

Unlike basic phones, the latest phones from Nokia wield a technology that allows them to buzz whenever the user receives an Instagram like, Facebook Messenger message or Twitter reply. This is one of the best features of many smartphones today but you don’t have to enable this if you want to break your smartphone addiction. To disable the push notifications, just go to Settings and tap Notification Settings; then, uncheck the Receive Notifications. With that, instead of checking your phone every time you receive a notification, you will start doing it once or twice a day. Although this makes you late in replying messages or seeing your crush’s latest status post, you are not going to miss out to any great extent, unless it’s an emergency message from your family or friend.

Remove Apps

If disabling notifications doesn’t work for you, then how about you get rid of unnecessary apps. When deciding what apps to uninstall, focus on the websites and online services to your handset. If you already have Facebook and Twitter on your phone, there’s no need to install them on your laptop. Another thing is whether you need access to your emails on the go. If not, then you can just uninstall your Gmail, since you already have it on your laptop. All in all, if you can access these social media platforms on your laptop by going to their websites, then you can uninstall some of them from your phone to reduce the amount of time you spend on your Nokia phone. Limiting the number of apps on your phone brings your attention to other worthwhile things. Not only that, it also gives you fewer notifications to check and fewer updates to install, freeing up your phone’s storage and reducing clutter on its home screen. If you haven’t checked how many apps you have on your phone, now’s the time to figure out what apps you really need and what you can live without. You can determine what apps are useful for you if you remove one but you haven’t reinstalled it in a month. This means that the app is not that important in the first place.

Enable Airplane Mode

It’s easy to enable the airplane mode on your Nokia smartphone, just go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode. The advantage of enabling this setting is it blocks phone notifications that cause you to use your phone, however, you will not be able to check important messages and phone calls. Nevertheless, if you want to take some time off from notifications, then it’s best to enable this feature.