Your shoes are just as important as your outfit, so shop for the trendiest shoes online with Nose Hong Kong! Check out the hottest selection of footwear below from heels to flats or click here to know how to pick out the best shoes for the day!

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Strut your stuff with the Hottest Shoes from Hong Kong

When it comes to fashion, your shoes play a crucial role in your outfit. Wearing a certain type of shoe can make or break your #OOTD, that is why Nose Hong Kong gives you a great selection of shoes in many different types in the trendiest styles that would suit your outfit. Nose was first established in 1999 in Hong Kong by Edward Yee and Sue Koh. Three years later, the brand opened two other branches in Hong Kong and just under a decade, Nose opened 20 stores in Hong Kong alone plus three additional outlets in UAE. Their attention to detail, quality footwear, and a vast array of option in flexible price ranges created their success.

Different types of shoes from Nose Hong Kong

Among their hottest items are their exciting array of footwear with a great selection of styles, chic shapes, and a kaleidoscope of colors that every woman would love. Update your shoe rack and get a hold of these awesome shoes from Nose Hong Kong.

Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are making a great comeback in today’s fashion but instead of over-the-top, ankle-killers that we see in the 80s and early 90s, today’s platforms are much more subtle. Whether closed, strappy, or brogues, platform shoes from Nose are guaranteed comfortable, and high fashion without looking to chunky.


A classic style in women’s footwear, heels are a must-have for every modern woman. There are many types of heels such as wedge, stilletos, pumps, or even platforms. Heels can also be classified as closed-shoe, peep-toe, or strappy. If you just can’t get enough of heels, check out the hottest Nose high heels!

Ballerina flats

If you are going for a subtle, cute, feminine, and comfortable type of footwear, then a pair of ballerina flats from Nose Hong Kong is the ideal type of footwear. Characterized by its closed-shoe upper and the lack of heels, ballerina flats are guaranteed to be comfortable and can be worn all day.

Sports shoes

Ditch those expensive footwear from big brands and switch to a more comfortable, fashionable, and high performance footwear for your work out with Nose sports shoes. Whether at the gym, on a jog, or simply wearing as a go-to shoe, you can never go wrong with a pair of Nose sneakers.

Strappy sandals

Strappy sandals have always been a fashion trend, especially now that fashion is switching to a more comfortable and relaxed style. Strappy sandals from Nose Hong Kong can come in different shapes and sizes with long or short straps, heels or no heels.

Shop for Nose shoes online!

Nose Hong Kong brings you an epic seelction of footwear that would certainly suit your #OOTD. Whether heels, flats, sports shoes, or sandals, you can be in style and comfortable at the same time! Click here to take a look at our amazing selection of Nose shoes online now!