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Everything you need to know about adhesive bras

Bras are a women’s best friend, because not only does it give support to your breasts, it also prevents further problems such as sagging and back pain. Additionally, it lifts up the breasts giving it shape to a women’s figure. There are so many types of bras in the market and among these; the adhesive bra is also very popular among women. Adhesive bras are preferably worn with outfits that fail to cover the bra straps.

Adhesive bras or more commonly known as stick-on bras can be easily worn by attaching to the underside of the breasts. Generally, these bras utilise medical grade adhesive and are made of silicone or polyurethane materials. When worn as a substitute for the traditional bras, it also serves the purpose of giving support as well as cleavage enhancement.

Types of adhesive bras

There is a wide range of adhesive bras that provide support and additional padding. Depending on the quality and material of the bra, there are usually a limited number of times it can be worn, due to the adhesive part wearing out. Not all stick-on bras come in the same form; some may come in one cup piece for each breast, while others have full cups. The most popular types of adhesive bras are molded, disposable, and silicone.

Molded adhesive bras

This category of bras is constructed from a flat piece of cloth. It is then molded with heat over a breast cast to form the shape of a cup. Among all the adhesive bras, this creates the most natural, rounded looking shape. Due to the seamless design of the bra, it looks and feels invisible under any type of clothing.

Disposable adhesive bras

More commonly known as pasties, the patches have an adhesive backing that covers a woman’s bust area and is much smaller comparatively to the other types of adhesive bras. Similar to disposable underwear, women can refill the adhesive by buying pasties of the same shape. Pasties are meant to be invisible under the clothing and also come in a variety of sizes, patterns, and shapes. The only downside to this category of adhesive bras is that it provides less support and gives less definition.

Silicone adhesive bras

Under clothing, the silicone gel bra cups gives support, looks invisible and seamless. These types of bras generally feature a front closure, simply allowing women to hook the cups together. The bra cups are reusable as the adhesive backing is often sold separately. The biggest advantage to the silicone adhesive bra is the degrees of cleavage that women can create. This can be done through the positioning of the bra cups.

Tips to apply an adhesive bra

It is always important for women to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. This is to ensure that the adhesive bra works effectively. Avoid utilising any kinds of creams or lotion with the bra as it will cause the bra to slip. Before applying the bra, use a dry towel to clean any moisture or natural oils of the breasts including the surrounding area.

For an easy application of the bra, the cup should be always turned inside out. While holding the adhesive surface towards the skin, the bra cup should be positioned at the desired angle and proceed to smooth out the edges of the cup firmly to the breast.

The removing process is simple as women should just carefully peel it away from the skin and proceed to hand wash the cups. To ensure the bra will maintain its adhesiveness, you should properly care for the bra.

What to look for when buying an adhesive bra

It is essential for women to choose the right size cup. Different brands have different sizes, so always look carefully at the given measurements and choose accordingly to your own measurements. When in doubt, it is best to go up a cup size rather than down a cup size.

Furthermore, it is recommended to go for higher quality bras as the adhesiveness will last longer and will be better maintained. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the bra. The reason is, thinner bras give a more natural look under clothing. On the other hand, the thicker bras will give a fuller look, offering a cleavage that is more noticeable.

There are certain brands that have the added versatility of a bra, such as ones that come with attachable straps or adjustable fronts that allow women to alter the tightness. The key to purchasing the right adhesive bra all comes down to how well it would be paired with a women’s wardrobe.