The quintessential piece of furniture for any nursery, cribs are one of the most important nursery items you need to get for your little one. Made popular in the 1800s, cribs are a safe and reliable bedding option suitable for newborns to infants. Read more it here.


A Simple Crib Buying Guide for New Mothers

Playing a large part in the beginning of your child’s life, a crib will be the main place for your little one to sleep in until they’re aged 3 or 4, which is when they’ll be ready to sleep in a toddler bed. As such an essential item, many new parents are stumped as to what they’re looking for when it comes to buying a crib for their newborn. Here is a simple guide as to what you need to look for when it comes to shopping for a crib for your newborn.

Go for Uncomplicated and Basic Beds

While it’ll be tempting to go for an ornately designed crib, sometimes when it comes to cribs, an elaborate crib might not be the best choice for your little one. A complicated crib can be dangerous as your newborn might get caught in the decorations, so a more basic looking crib is recommended. Something with straightforward lines and study framework, sure it might look too simplistic but in the end, the safety of your child should be paramount.


Cribs with Wheels – Most cribs come with wheels affixed to the bottom, letting you move the crib about with ease. This is preferable if you want the choice to keep a watchful eye on your baby while in a different room, giving you the option to move the crib around.

Convertible Cribs – These are cribs that are designed to last your child until toddlerhood, and can be reconstructed into a toddler bed when your child is ready. A cost-effective solution in the long term, convertible cribs also make it easier on your child to transition into a new bed without worry.

Cribs with Mosquito Nets – A mosquito net is an essential tool for any Hong Kong nursery, thanks to the hot climate and your baby’s sensitive skin. A crib with a built-in mosquito net is convenient, useful, and gives your nursery a decorated appearance.

Assemble with Care

Cribs often come to your doorstep in pieces, so have a care when it comes to assembling them and ensure that the crib is sturdy enough to hold onto the weight of your child. Make sure that all pieces are secured to the crib tightly, and it wouldn’t be remiss to give the assembled crib a bit of a shake to ensure that the whole thing is solidly constructed.

Do You Really Need a Crib?

The jury is still out as to whether or not mothers really need cribs for their babies, but strong opinions are pointing to a yes. A much better every day sleeping option for babies than co-sleeping or a moses beds, a crib is a soft mattress and a safe place for your baby to sleep. After shopping for cribs here, why not take a look at the iPrice’s Nursery page for other baby furniture that might catch your eye!