When you have a newborn baby, all that you would want to do is to keep your baby calm. But when they do cry, you can soothe your babies by giving them a pacifier. Here at iprice we offer high quality and safe pacifiers for great prices. Click here to find out more.


Pacifiers Hong Kong: Get High Quality And Safe Pacifiers For Your Baby

As a new parent, you might find that babies cry for no reason. For example after feeding and cuddling your baby, the young infant would still continue crying. These babies usually have a higher sucking reflex compared to other babies. The need to suckle something even after their tummies are full calls for the need of pacifiers. However, as a responsible parent, it is vital for you to know the benefits, safety measurement and the proper usage of a pacifier before handing it over to you child.

Pacifiers Hong Kong: The Benefits of Using Pacifiers

  • The main benefit of using a pacifier is for helping to soothe your baby. Fussy babies are hard to be satisfied and giving them something to suck on will definitely calm them down.
  • If you baby faces hard time to fall asleep, pacifier is what you need. It can calm and settle your baby down eventually putting your baby into a good sleep.
  • If you heading to the clinic to get your child vaccination or any other shots, bring your pacifier along to distract your baby once she starts crying after the injection.
  • Pacifier helps to lower down the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIIDS). It does not prevent it from happening but researches show that pacifier definitely reduces the rick.
  • If you are travelling with your baby on a flight, don’t forget a pacifier for your baby. It helps to comfort your babies as the low air pressure might cause some dissatisfaction in their ears.
  • Well, unlike thumb sucking habit, pacifiers can be thrown when you feel that your child is old enough.

Pacifiers Hong Kong: How To Choose The Best One

  • Make sure the size fits your baby’s mouth. Do not buy a big one that might hurt his mouth or a really small one that might choke him.
  • Choose the right material for your pacifier’s nipple. Opt for silicone or latex as they are soft materials for your baby.
  • Pick a colourful pacifier that might grab your child’s attention. However try avoiding an overwhelming one too as it might put off your child.

Pacifiers Hong Kong: How To Use It Right

  • Make sure your baby is okay with the idea of pacifier. Some babies might not like it. In this case, it is best to let them free and you can try it again later.
  • Only provide the pacifier to your baby in between her meals. Pacifier can be distracting to the baby and she might not realise when her hunger strikes.
  • Do not use pacifiers as a replacement for your baby’s meals or to delay the feeding process.
  • Do not ever tie the pacifier around your child’s neck. Your baby might get strangled and choked by the pacifier cord or string. You may place it in a hygiene place or clip it to your baby’s outfit.
  • Clean your pacifier frequently in the right way. Never place your pacifier in dirty and unhygienic area. You child might get infected by it.

Pacifiers Hong Kong: Buy Pacifiers Online Now

New parents can have their hands full sometimes. However fret not as with this easy and fuss-free online store, you can buy pacifier from well-known brands such as Dr.Brown, Philips and many more at the comfort of your home. Have fun shopping!

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