Watches have evolved from being essential timekeeping devices to iconic fashion statements. When thinking of a watch that has vintage vibes but a modern aesthetic, people instantly think of Olivia Burton. Learn more about Olivia Burton HK below.


Add Flair and Elegant Designs to Your Daily Life with Olivia Burton

Finding a watch that illustrates elegance and fine details within the affordable price range can prove to be difficult. However, through the sea of simplistic designs like MVMT and Daniel Wellington, there is one brand that brings a more artistic approach to watches, Olivia Burton. They’ve found a place in the watch world that uses a more artistic approach to create beautiful designs incorporating flora and nature at its finest.

Olivia Burton’s Story

The British brand was founded by best friends Jemma and Lesa who met at the London College of Fashion, where their journey together led them to start their own business creating watches, as the girls say, “from the kitchen table.” According to their website, the brand “is named after Lesa’s great aunt whose spirited approach and energy was a huge inspiration to the girls” which set the foundations of being a close-knit, family-run business. Their designs are all created in their studio in London, where they have a small team working on illustrations and colour palettes which are influences by nature.

Wonderland Nude Dial & Gold Bracelet Watch

This is one of the more vintage-looking pieces, featuring Roman numerals and delicate indices which complements its light dial. This combination of a clean, simplistic dial alongside gold details is commonly seen throughout vintage ladies watches such as the Rolex Lady Datejust or vintage Cartier’s making it a desirable style.

Olivia Burton ‘We Love Bees’ Collection

Many companies have started using bees in their jewellery designs, and in a sense, joined the bee bandwagon of creating fashion items that use this little critter as a centrepiece for their design. Olivia Burton has additionally touched on this popular trend with their ‘We Love Bees’ collection, alongside an extended range of watches and matching jewellery.

The 3D Bee further emphasises their artistic outlook on creating something that is not only creative but furthermore brings a striking style to the dual which is more commonly seen in higher-eng watch brands such as Gucci, and Jacob & Co. This range is a great option for someone looking for a homage to luxury fashion brands, or a unique piece without the daunting price tag!

White Dial & Rose Gold Watch

The ‘White Dial’ series feels like the epitome of minimalist fashion watches that work well with every outfit or any occasion. A clean dial and thin case size that sits comfortably on the wrist makes it a go-to option, and in a selection of case sizes from 30mm-38mm to please the needs of many.

Lace Detail Grey Dial Watch

Another more decorative design is their ‘Lace Detail’ watches which have strong inspiration from vintage lace fashion, featuring a raised ornate floral design which complements its pale dial. If you’re a fan of delicate details, then this range definitely stands out and is additionally available in silver-plated, rose gold plated, and gold-plated.

Frequently Asked Questions about Olivia Burton Hong Kong

What to do if Olivia Burton’s watch has condensation?

If your watch experiences a sudden change in temperature or pressure, you may notice condensation appearing under the crystal glass. This generally disappears by itself if left alone. Please do not attempt to aid this by exposing your watch to heat to dry it out, as this may damage the watch and will only cause the condensation to persist.

Is Olivia Burton’s watch waterproof?

The Olivia Burton watches has a water-resistant rating of I ATM or 10m (I Bar), making it suitable for everyday use and resistant to modest water/rain splashes. To prolong your watch’s lifespan, it is recommended to remove the watch before swimming, showering and bathing. It’s also vital to take off your watch before entering a steam room or a sauna. Extreme heat can cause watch seals to expand and create openings for water droplets to penetrate inside the watch. Please note that any water damage to your watch is not covered under warranty.

How long do Olivia Burton watches last?

The average battery life of an Olivia Burton watch is 12 months. All their watches come with a battery saver in the crown that needs to be removed to activate the battery. To start the battery, remove the plastic tab and press the crown into the side of the case. If your watch has stopped working, it’s likely the battery needs replacing. Any local independent jeweller will be able to replace your battery.