From the likes of James Bond to world leaders and historical figures, Omega has been a trusted brand to deliver precise timekeeping. A well-loved brand in Hong Kong and around the world for generations for its line of beautifully-designed watches, Omega proves that watches are classic pieces that defy the tests of time. Find out more about the watches provided by Omega Hong Kong and why they are the watches of choice for influential figures below.

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Omega HK Watch Collections that You’d Love

For a brand to last more than a century is not an easy feat, yet Omega has managed to achieve it with style, innovation, and excellence. Omega has been manufacturing top-quality watches to its consumers for the past 100 years and is not likely to stop anytime soon. Omega’s watches are known not only for their intricate designs but for also for their versatile functions. Throughout its history, Omega has played a role in winning military battles, discovering the depths of the oceans, and exploring outer space.

Omega Hong Kong has an extensive inventory of watches that everyone can choose from based on their needs. Omega Hong Kong’s watches are divided into several collections, each with their own key features. Omega Hong Kong’s most noteworthy watch collections that have become instant favourites amongst Hong Kongers include:

Omega Seamaster Collection

The Omega Seamaster collection is probably the most popular series in Omega’s collection. One of the watches in this series was featured in the James Bond film, Spectre (2015) where Bond (Daniel Craig) was presented with an Omega Seamaster 300 Master Co-Axial size 41mm (Spectre Limited Edition). Believe it or not, this watch is now sold as an exclusive edition with only 7,007 models are available in the world.

Specifically manufactured for individuals who love adventures—both on land and in the sea—the exclusive OMEGA’s Seamaster Watches are perfect for men who live on precision, resistance, and strength. The makers of the Omega Seamaster makes the casing of Seamaster watches to come in multiple angles and curves to reflect light in a varied way yet it does not have sharp edges that will affect the comfort of the wearer. Moreover, these watches have a luminescent coating on the hands and markers makes them amongst the most legible timepieces in the dark—you can still keep track of the time accurately even in the deepest dives!

Omega Speedmaster Collection

Omega’s Speedmaster Collection are the world’s most tested watches and they have brilliantly proven their worth. Their features have made them standard equipment for space explorations, especially for extra-vehicular activity. The most notable feature in Speedmaster watches is the Professional Chronograph of which space conquerors and high technology enthusiasts trust. Individuals like Buzz Aldrin and Michael Schumacher are examples of the multitude of enthusiasts that would always rely on the Professional Chronograph of Omega’s Speedmaster watches any day, on any surface, even those that are out of this world.

Omega Constellation Collection

Known for their unique, sporty, and elegant designs, Omega Constellation Watches boast a bezel engraved with Roman Numerals, curved clawed case, the Constellation Observatory logo on the case back, and a golden star applied on the dial. The timepieces in this collection often double as a fashion accessory thanks to their intricate designs that can complement your outfits perfectly to create a professional look. Being tested and certified by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), Constellation Watches are high-precision timepieces.

Notable personalities and fashion-forward celebrities like Martina Hingis, Pierce Brosnan, and Cindy Crawford are big fans of Omega’s Constellation Watches because of their precision, excellence, and their elegant designs. Constellation watches are well-rounded timepieces make them the perfect accessory for everyday wear – sporty, casual, professional, et cetera.

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What is the best selling Omega watch?

One of the best selling Omega watches that is currently available is the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional. This remarkable timepiece features an asymmetrical 42 mm size case in stainless steel – and is built in the classic 4th generation style that was worn by the famed Apollo 11 astronauts during one of man's greatest achievements in history by landing on the moon for the very first time. What is so great about this watch is that you also have the option of choosing it with either hesalite glass with an embossed Seahorse caseback, or the model with sapphire-crystal glass on both sides. This timepiece is one of the must haves for any discerning watch collector as this watch encapsulates the spirit of man's achievement in lunar exploration. So if you ever want to have the feeling of venturing out of the planet Earth without being an astronaut, then it is time to welcome the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional into your watch collection.