One of the rising stars in the mobile phone industry Oneplus pays great attention to detail when it comes to their phone models. From the Oneplus 3T to their best model yet - the Oneplus 5T, all components are optimized to give the best phone solution to their customers. Find the best Oneplus HK phone below!


Top OnePlus Smartphones Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
OnePlus 8 HK$ 4,077.70 Amazon
OnePlus 7 Pro HK$ 5,698.00 oneplus
OnePlus 8 Pro HK$ 5,436.86 Amazon
OnePlus 6T HK$ 4,298.00 oneplus
OnePlus 7T Pro HK$ 4,217.51 Amazon
OnePlus 7 Pro 256GB Mirror Grey HK$ 6,498.00 oneplus
OnePlus 8 128GB Onyx Black HK$ 5,998.00 oneplus
OnePlus 7 HK$ 999.00 oneplus
OnePlus Nord N100 HK$ 1,397.99 Amazon
OnePlus 9 Pro HK$ 7,495.20 Amazon
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OnePlus 8

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Why You Should Choose a Oneplus Phone

Considered as one of the best, underrated phone brands today, Oneplus phones exceed expectations in terms of performance, specs, and price. Though it is still fairly new to the mobile phone industry, the brand is already making a name for itself as a rival for premium brands such as Samsung and Apple. Their best phone models include the Oneplus 3T(2017), the Oneplus 5T (2017), and their latest, the Oneplus 6T (2018). Here are reasons why you should choose a Oneplus phone:

The Oneplus Camera

One of the most mind-blowing things about Oneplus phones is its camera. For the price that you pay on Oneplus models, the camera is one of the best in its class. The Oneplus 3T has a 16MP rear camera while the Oneplus 5T has a dual 20+16MP, and it keeps on getting better. Both models can shoot 4K videos with extreme clarity and vivid colours. Furthermore, there are mods and photo software available that could unlock a Oneplus phone camera’s true potential. Oneplus takes the next step when it comes to camera quality especially with their upcoming models.

Oneplus Phone Performance

Dubbed as a “pocket computer”, a Oneplus phone packs a punch in terms of performance. For the price of a mid-range phone, you can get performance like a premium model. Oneplus phone specs are revered to be the best of its class and are a performance-freak, enabling you to run heavy spec games and apps in a breeze. Even for older models, Oneplus gives you the best phones with peak performances rivaling big brands.

Oneplus Battery and Charging

Besides being a performance-junkie, a Oneplus phone can also last you the whole day. The phone is optimized to perform at peak performance without heating up, even while charging. Furthermore, Oneplus also has one of the best fast-charging protocols on the market today - the Dash Charge. This protocol enables a Oneplus phone to charge up to 60% in just 30 minutes without overheating your phone. Even if you’re watching videos or playing with your phone, Dash Charge helps keep charge rates the same while keeping it cool.

Oneplus Accessories

Besides phones, Oneplus also has phone accessories to help make your Oneplus experience exciting! Oneplus has several cases and screen protectors that are custom-built to suit each model. The brand also creates their own power cables and wall plugs to properly optimize charging and data transfer rates. Furthermore, you can also purchase adapters, headphones, and even wearable gear!

Oneplus phones are one of the best phones you can own today! They are built with precision, craftsmanship, and for optimum performance. Find the best Oneplus phone in Hong Kong now!