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Want quality nail art? Switch to O.P.I Hong Kong and get the best nail color, polish, and other products online! Since 1981, the brand has been manufacturing only the best nail care systems for nail care professionals and general consumers. Moreover, they have a wide variety of colors and collections that you would surely love! Achieve your #NailArtGoals with O.P.I Hong Kong!

O.P.I Hong Kong - the story behind the name

When George Schaeffer acquired Odontorium Products Inc. in 1981, he never thought that it would become one of the biggest nail care company in the United States. Odontorium Products Inc., was a dental sales company, until George became partners with Suzi Weis-Fischmann and biochemist, Eric Montgomery, and focused their efforts on nail care, which they sold door-to-door to local nail salons. Realizing the huge potential of nail care, George and company closed their dental sales department, increased efforts in their nail care line and changed the company name to O.P.I Products Inc.

Today, O.P.I has become a world leader in the nail care industry, producing high-quality products which focuses on safety and innovation. What makes them so different from other brands is their dedication to providing quality products through exceptional formulas with fashionable colors which are heavily pigmented, super-rich and longlasting. The brand is now making their presence felt in over 100 countries around the world, offering products to regular consumers and to nail care professionals.

O.P.I Hong Kong Nail color collection

Another thing that sets O.P.I Hong Kong apart from other brands is their presence in the pop scene with fabulous nail art and color collections and collaborations. They started their campaigns as far back as 2003, when Legally Blonde 2 came out. They created a special Legally Blonde 2 collection, which was also featured in the movie. Among other collections include Ford Mustang, Dell, and Alice in Wonderland in 2010. In addition, O.P.I Hong Kong is also big on celebrity collaborations including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Mariah Carey. There are also other collections which you can conveniently order online including:

Hello Kitty by O.P.I

We just can’t get enough of this adorable little kitten from Japan. The O.P.I Hello Kitty collection comprises of gorgeous colors including pearl white and several shades of pink, including ones with glitter to mirror our favorite kitty. Blue, red, fuschia, and yellow are also available in this collection.


Like the name, the O.P.I Starlight collection is a sparkly addition to your nail color kit. Teeming with glitter in silver, gold, plus red confetti. The collection also has red, silver, gray, and black in metallic colors that embodies luxury and sophistication.


Inspired by the romantic rivers of Venice, this O.P.I collection is all about passion and love for finer things in life. From warm to neutral colors which reflect the beautiful scenery of Venice, Italy. From the baroque structures in Palazzo, to the sweetest gelato, you don’t have to take a plane to enjoy the beauty of Italy.

Infinite Shine

If you are into simple yet elegant colors, then the O.P.I Hong Kong Infinite Shine collection is for you. Boasting a spectrum of colors from dark to neutral all the way to the brightest fuschia pink, Inifinite shine gives of a gleaming effect after application which looks exquisite and simply elegant.


Show your dazzling personality with O.P.I’s great collection of the brightest colors in the spectrum. Fuschia pink, bright lemon yellow, and radiant green are all included in the collection. Add a little color to your life with O.P.I Hong Kong’s Bright collection!

Clark+ Kensington

Inspired by one of the biggest paint studios in the United States, the Clark+Kensington collection features a variety of colors that would fit interior design standards. The collection mostly has pastel colors such as light pink, mimosa, salmon, and periwinkle. So make your flower crowns and rock the best Clark+Kensington nail colors now!


Taking pastel colors to a whole new level, O.P.I Hong Kong’s Softshades collection is a whole new line of nail colors dedicated to pastel. Show your girly side and flaunt your nails with shades of pink, rose, beige, blush and many more!

Nail art by O.P.I Hong Kong

When you talk about nails and nail color, one thing comes into mind - nail art! Humans have been designing their nails as far back as the Babylonian period, so why stop now? With a wide range of colors and shades, O.P.I Hong Kong gives you the opportunity to achieve these stunning nail art concepts that you would certainly love!

Other nail care products by O.P.I Hong Kong

Pushing their limits in nail care science, O.P.I Hong Kong has also manufactured products to help you achieve your nail art goals. If you want your nails to dry up instantly, add a little quick dip dry to your polish after finish. You can also correct and clean up your nail art errors using an O.P.I clean up corrector pen and if you decide to remove your nail polish, you can always go for an instant nail polish remover from O.P.I. With these products you can instantly achieve your nail art goals, quickly and instantly!

The United States’ leading nail care company has now hit Hong Kong shores. Choose from the wide array of nail colors and collections available and show your personality through your nails. From simple designs to complex nail art, achieve your #NailArtGoals easily with O.P.I Hong Kong!